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A little @viebleu history:

Here is a quote where he tries to pretend he is a moderator and coerce another user into deleting their comments:

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This forum is not and never has been about investigating any particular race. Please cooperate with this consensus. You are requested to edit this comment and eliminate racial bias from it, as well as take this type of free speech elsewhere.

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Here he is explaining who should not be allowed in v/pizzagate:

...so no extremists against witches, pagans, jews, blacks, gays, liberals, etc...



And the proposal for rules calling for comment deleitions:

I want to propose a rule here that ONLY on the /v/pizzagate forum, hate speech, bigotry, violence and vigilante justice comments and submissions are grounds for immediate deletion. I ask you to bring up this rule request in the next mod meeting.



This is the concern troll that is being fed in the current manufactured drama about "dox".



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Got it and I in agrement with this sentiment, I've had them on my watch list for a long while.

But, I'm still working my way through the issues to make sure I'm not 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater"


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agreed have been downvoting and ignoring for the most part.


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downvoted, ignored, and also, oh, you didn't last did you.


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VieBleu went into berserker mode when Chef Barry Koslow of "Pinea" was mentioned in a recent thread;




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This is what was actually said by myself and others about that "look stars on barn doors SATANISM" argument - Had nothing to do with the image posted above and was in fact a very reasonable response.

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it is awful. allowing this to stay up without even a flair is incredible. the shill mods must be having a pizzaparty and laughing themselves sick.

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All the mods have to do is enforce independent language in the titles - 'potential killroom found' - and then otherwise this methodical post is circumstantial evidence definitely worthy of investigation by formal law enforcement

I think the pentagram on one barn could be a fancy, but that the owner has ensured a pentagram goes on the new barn as well indicates a distinct and not fleeting attachment to the occult. Not fire, but certainly smoke.

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I looked at the video of the farm - there are no pentagrams at all on any barn doors. The mods are completely staying off and allowing obvious forum slide. Must be having a pizza party too. There is no smoke or fire here, this OP is here to slide the forum and distract. There are many other posts of the same ilk up right now. Full on attack really.

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I stayed away for a couple of weeks, and the shills and mods haven't changed a bit. It's disgusting.

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