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Take a break buddy, see you when you get back. A well rested healthy mind is more effective then a tired one.


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I only saw this just now, but I really appreciate this post, thank you for taking the time to write it. Hope you've had a little time off, it is important every now and then. Cheers.


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Good post! I'm back after a hiatus. It's very tough material and I commend everyone who's been a part of this investigation!


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I have been at this for many years. In that time, I have become quite experienced in much as I am very passionate about the people involved. Above and beyond all else, and I mean ALL else, even the children, we have to all recognize what we need and do what it takes to stay strong. Exactly as the Mother is to help herself before her children in an airplane emergency, we have to do the same. That is how we put the children first. By making sure we don't destroy ourselves. If we lose the ability to fight, it is permanent. As for taking a break, you will come back stronger for it.