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Hi, I've not had much time to participate here on voat. I tent to have a very hands-off approach to modding, and totally agree with @Crensch regarding moderation. All I can say is Amen, A'ho, Let it be Thus.

However, I and the rest of the pizzagate community was forced to mostly take refuge in our own infrastructure, including matrix chat and other encrypted and self-hosted solutions. We've never officially endorsed voat yet. The biggest reason for this was when /r/pizzagate was deleted, we had no contact with @kingkongwaswrong, who had earlier asked us to take over /v/pizzagate. It took a while in the chaos to make contact, and he eventually made us mods.

I and the rest of my community management team still refused to endorse voat even as a billboard, or platform. @kingkongwaswrong is a great guy, and was coming into our community on a regular basis to discuss things with us. However if we've learned anything over the past 3 weeks, it is to never have a SPOF, either in terms of owners/full rights mods, domain name, encryption, trust mechanisms. We are all VERY shy about anything which could be compromised by attacking a SPOF. Because in our experience, that's a sure way for that SPOF to be attacked. This has been a relentless cycle. The evidence for this is vast, @PleadingtheYiff has just scratch the surface here. I don't know that this meant for this period when @kingkongwaswrong was the only owner of /v/pizzagate, I'm not an expert in what could happen to a human SPOF. We've had several people badly doxxed and shamed, and thankfully they were NOT SPOFs, because of our organizational structure. I'm very thankful that @kingkongwaswrong didn't meet such a fate during that risky period.

Ok I've just checked and he's still the only owner. So it remains a SPOF. I've expressed my concerned about him being a SPOF multiple times. We still have the entire mod team from /r/pizzagate, as well as all of our top contributors, avoiding voat for this reason.

@kingkongwaswrong, I've messaged you in the mod chat. Please come online and read and respond to us in the mod chat room. We put our endorsement upon /v/pizzagate and now it not only has a massive SPOF, but is also completely moderated by totally unknown and entrusted (by the pizzagate community at least) accounts.


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I didn't know you guys either so I was reluctant to hand over ownership until I could see that you guys meant well. I want this investigation to go well and I had nothing from you guys to suggest I could hand over the sub with no issues. No one stepped in or helped out. I really felt like i was shouldering the burden on my own.

I'm going to make @crensch a redundancy owner (even if he doesn't really take a leading role in moderating) so theres no SPOF. As the other mods get more comfortable/take leading roles I want to make another of them owner as well. @crensch is one of the mods of /v/protectvoat and /v/reportCTR and he's helped a lot in transitioning the sub successfully (I was gonna say smoothly but let's face it we all know it was bumpy as fuck) so I trust him a lot. And the new mods look awesome. That way we should become big and redundant enough that any one person being doxxed or dropping off the radar shouldn't affect us.

Hope that eases your concerns. I will be in the chat soon.

We want to help. If there's anything we can do to help you guys out with the work you're doing, just let us know. I'll be happy to give you guys mod perms depending on the thoughts of @crensch and @kevdude, who I have both come to respect for their really unwavering stances on anti-censorship. Up for a discussion on owner rights too, but I'm still not 100% comfortable on the trust side, given got the sense there were mod issues on reddit but I don't know how much that was due to other mods.

Given the infrastructure of Voat, what, exactly, would need to happen where there wasn't a SPOF?

This, as well. Even if I used my owner perms to purge all the mods and go on a deleting spree, all the info would still be in the deletion logs, and I would get overthrown by /v/protectvoat and the admins.

Plus you're not STORING info here, it's just a place to disseminate information.

edit. though I guess in a way you are storing info too.


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Couple ways that you can address this.

You can have multiple (O) mods- full ownership and full permission.

You can set up a couple of subs and/or use Voat as one of several platforms.

The only thing that Voat's community expects is that you mod according to Voat's standards.


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Given the infrastructure of Voat, what, exactly, would need to happen where there wasn't a SPOF? Like the other place, there is one owner of the sub.


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I thought it was possible to have multiple (O)wner mods. That was my original goal: to have myself and @kingkongwaswrong and one other trustworthy original pizzagate mod.

I'm actually happy to let you guys get on with what you're doing. If you need trustworthy people, let me know and I can step in or provide a recommendation or two. We have the most knowledgeable people in pizzagate, working on encrypted teams. And I understand that @kingkongwaswrong wants to talk with me, which we'll do when we can get online at the same time. But otherwise we have some concerns about the way that everything was funneled onto voat. I really respect the core principles of voat but some of us believe that perhaps it's being turned into a ghetto to make the narrative true.