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How cute, I love how your fake story keeps changing to fit your bullshit narrative.

All you have to do is go through your post history and look at the how your story changes every single time you post it to realize its complete bullshit.

It's clear you have access to the Reddit database and you work for Shareblue, and that you continuously post this nonsense on multiple Voat accounts to try and start drama in /v/pizzagate.

All you do is make up a fake narrative and yell about jews.

You are fooling no one.


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Do you enjoy shoveling shit all by yourself or does David Brock spoon feed it to you, word by word?

Disobedient Media covered the censoring of the Word 'Rothschild' on Reddit you shariahblue motherfucker.

Listen, we all know your asses are still burning from how badly DM is fucking you all a new orifice every day. Do you have to make it so painfully obvious tho? Like, at least make an attempt to shill against other media. You're making it a bit obvious that DM is one of the only legit operations out there.

If you at least sparred a bit with Thernovich (although he may enjoy that a little too much from the thounds of it) maybe you wouldn't look quite as pathetically like CTR. Rofl.


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Oh, and you still spelled Economist wrong. ;)


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Disobedient Media Links Banned from Voat



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