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WTF is this "hyperdimentional" crack head bullshit being upvoted by multi personality alts?

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Dude mushrooms ...lol

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Between the narwal the children on the moon and the Little Caesar Pizza this is making this site look major disinfo. and a landing site for ETs.

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Good one @carmencita!

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S'just trolling with the use of new-age fluff - which is itself partially based on very old teachings, just skewed for the purpose of enlisting dupes and adepts alike.

Don't think too much of it, it's designed to go around in circles.

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Difficult to say...

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I see thanks.

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Amon Ra

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@carmencita @jangles @gothamgirl The kid is the birthright mentioned in Genesis 25. This is the right to take the baton that had been passed from Abraham to Isaac, to continue Abraham’s mission to build a world full of loving kindness and monotheism and devoid of idolatry, child sacrifice and other evils.

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I hate google. Why are they asking me to view their privacy rules before viewing.

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