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well when you read all these, it helps fill in the blanks. kids are almost getting kidnapped constantly it seems, but many are too afraid to tell their parents. read how some of these people were taken to warehouses or basements that had many other kids (someone mentioned a warehouse with at least 20).

i met a travelling trainhopper kid recently who knew about pizzagate, we got to talking and he tells me how he was once sleeping on a bench outside of an abandoned factory in PawPaw Michigan and at two in the morning, saw a bus load of children get dropped off there. prior to his witnessing this, a creepy man kept trying to get him to come inside and sleep in his weird rickety house that was outside the factory.

if anyone is interested look up Knouse Foods Co-op in PawPaw Michigan. it shares a building with the factory apparently. can't get a google street view almost whatsoever.

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Wow-that's insanely-stephenking scary

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he's seen a lot of shit. factory is right next to a highway.

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Trump also said this isn't Donald trump (white) this isn't Barack obama (black) this has been going on a (((long time)))

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good catch!

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4Chan has named a driver and when I looked up the name, I noticed he is an artist. https://ibb.co/id5eev The blue reference means "trauma with drugs" , and its clear this is mk ultra art https://www.facebook.com/joelvanart/

And this guy is into aliens, some much so he is putting stickers on telephone poles on fb.

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In MK Ultra this is color blue association. Https://Archive.is/94SeE

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Purple: Sometimes higher cult alters inside. May represent high priest, priestess; high family alters."

Is that why high priestess Hillary wore purple at her concession speech?

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Could you fix the link I am really curious, and I can't figure it out, I tried? I have blue as- trauma with drugs.

*I got it, thank you for sharing, and oh yes I am familiar with that now, in programming it has an effect though when mixed with drugs .

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This whole aliens theme ties into Alister Crawley's religion of Thelema - Podesta keeps tweeting about the aliens!

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Aliens = Fallen Angels

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Aleister Crowley was a freaking perverted SM practicing pedophile, who didn't listen to the other part of his so called "messenger of Horus" revelations because it would have required he actually do something besides dressing up in costume to have sex with anyone with a pulse, the younger the better. Some claim he worked for the British secret service and his Occult obsession was a cover.

The overreaching theme of Crowley's life is wide travel, an unstable, perhaps borderline personality, obsession with sexuality, especially while exploring nearly every occult practice one can imagine, yet adhering to none because it appears he a god complex. He experienced either hallucinations or demonic possession depending how one looks at it.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law," and that people should learn to live in tune with their Will. This book, and the philosophy that it espoused, became the cornerstone of Crowley's religion, Thelema.[59] Crowley said that at the time he had been unsure what to do with The Book of the Law. Often resenting it, he said that he ignored the instructions which the text commanded him to perform, (If Aiwass' instructions didn't include having an orgy island then screw it!), instructions that directed:

  • taking the Stele of Revealing from the museum,
  • fortifying his own island, and translating the book into all the world's languages."

To sum up: "Crowley had his first significant mystical experience while on holiday in Stockholm in December 1896.[22] Several biographers, including Lawrence Sutin, Richard Kaczynski, and Tobias Churton, believed that this was the result of Crowley's first same-sex sexual experience, which enabled him to recognise his bisexuality.[23]" From there his obsession led to sex with children and sadomasochism (and whatever other rocked his world).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grady_Louis_McMurtry

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Other media outlets are stating it's a James Alex Fields, Jr, who was responsible; Joel sold him the car. That's the narrative they're pushing hard.


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Wow strange, pol identified the guy I name from the license plate that was on car. https://imgoat.com/uploads/5771bce93e/37055.jpg

I don't think anyone would leave their plate on the car after they've sold it to someone else.

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In addition, James is registered as the owner of a Gray 2010 Dodge Challenger​ that ran into protesters at the Unite the Right​ rally.[2]​ [32]​ [29]​ 

  Can't believe a guy would wreck his 2010 Dodge Challenger. He would have to be nuts to ruin that car.

Source: https://everipedia.org/wiki/james-alex-fields-jr/#ixzz4pbnUxgnb

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Great catch! I was watching live stream for this and the people there were standing at ready for 40 minutes - it was obvious that he got delayed by the car incident. They drafted his comments very carefully, understanding the media trap.

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What's the message you think he's sending? Sorry--not getting it

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In the middle of reading his statement about the violence BETWEEN ADULT PROTESTERS in Virginia, Trump talks about how children should be able to go outside and play with their parents. It didn't even fit in the rest of what he had to say. The MSM thought he should address race and the KKK. Instead he talks about children being safe.
It is as though he knows the anti-protesters were the Soros paid ones, and he is telling the elite that he is going to protect the children that they are trafficking.

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thanks-like that point of view

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It's because he's terrified of calling them white supremacist domestic terrorists. Hashtag carjihad.