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I could care less what party these high-level pedophiles associate with. What I care about is justice for the victims, and a reckoning for those who have participated in their suffering.

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How far would you go? Would you make it your lifes mission? Put your life on the line? Would you start a 10th crusade to change this reality?

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I would. I would be suicided to save one child.

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Seriously, anyone who votes solely based on party is a fucking moron. It's so humorous how the msm likes to paint pizza gate researchers/suppotters as republican conservative right wingers.

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..she knows things. But was either having too much fun going along with the crimes, or was too scared to speak out. Eithercway its real bad. Fucking flush the system alreadh you wench

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Those who are not red-pilled will be in shock and awe of WHO could be involved. Normies would flip. I hope it happens so I can stop explaining to everyone why I voted Republican but don't necessarily affiliate with every single Republican politician.

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Who is involved? I can play with the initials..... let's say TK (even creepier than Podesta and that Psycho pizza parlor owner), NP ('It's 'Trump' not 'Bush', JM (the war 'hero'), CS - fake tears and of corse JB - can't even keep his hands to himself on camera!

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it needs to take out them all out. I don't care if it takes out Ron Paul(but it would hurt). every last one needs to die.

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Exactly. Politicans need to learn that NO ONE is exempt from the law.

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Hope y'all can put your money where your mouth is; this will start WW3 :D

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Here is what we are all wondering:It appears, at least for the time being, that Donald Trump is aware of this problem and intends to take it head on. However, we will have to wait to see.

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He won't. If you are skeptical of my claim, as you should be, I will explain.

Jews own the banks. BIS>IMF>Federal reserve. Federal reserve=slave money. Perpetual interest debt slaves. Federal income tax = enslaved, it pays interest on nothing. Iraq, afghanastan, libya, examples of some nations that lacked BIS banks until not very long ago. North korea is one of the few remaining nations on Earth that lacks a BIS bank. I am sure you are familiar with what trump has been doing about NK for the past month or so, and what he most certainly will do.

Videos death of american dream or money masters will illustrate the BIS/IMF idea fairly well if you want the details.

https://youtu.be/PamqTwVnayk Much of what trump has said on Israel.

https://youtu.be/U2G9MR1n7Es?t=134 Illustrates trumps relationship with jews, trumps children married/dating jews, israel and so on.

https://youtu.be/2t8rtIe1Mtk Trumps words on passover.



Trump is basically either a jew or as close to being a jew as you can get. He isn't going to try to take down the pedos, or remove the fed, or the patriot act, or the 1965 immigration act, or illegals, or fake news, or stop the war mongering. He isn't going to do shit because he is a jew puppet, just like the media, banks, educational system, and entire US government. It's all a facade. The USA is ran by a jewish oligarchy, it's a dictatorship. JewSA. Jewnited states of isralica. Everything else is to distract you from the idea that you are enslaved, or your people are facing genocide, or that your nation is murdering millions of innocent people.

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Old news

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many of those arrested were simply willing adults seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement for sex with another willing adult.

lol what?

i'm sorry, is there proof of these interactions being 100% willing? is the writer aware of how much fucking human trafficking is involved in what appears to be "willing" prostitution? how much coercion is involved? how many of these women are kidnapped from other countries or promised jobs and then forced to prostitute? i'm flabbergasted. and how about how victims of CSA or the child porn industry often grow up to become prostitutes, often by coersion?

the black market created by that government who pushes their line of work into dark alleys and shady places.

black market aside, selling your body is not something that the vast majority of sex workers would do if they had better options. no one is lining up to suck 30 dicks a day no matter how you package it and normalize it. maybe it's just because i'm relatively Christian minded but i also don't think anything that perpetuates the idea of female bodies as sex objects that can be bought and sold is something that a healthy society should contain. perpetuating the idea that bodies are sellable objects and expendable like this is what leads to rape mentalities, abuse mentalities, and ultimately trafficking, and rape and abuse is at the core of our problems right now. if on an individual basis someone wanted to exchange money for sex i don't think they should be brutally punished, but let's not make any more literal industries that profit off of keeping certain bodies in object status. it's not psychologically healthy.

look, rounding up johns obviously isn't the solution but it's daft to deny the huge tie to human trafficking and CSA that prostitution has. i'm kind of suspicious of this author trying to take the moral heat off of adult prostitution when it's deeply tied into our research.

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No shit?

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Yes, there is some known information, and, the article is also vague, which is trance inducing, in order to put people in a hyper-suggestible subconscious state during which TLAV hits the reader with their real message: "Legal Prostitution Is Good."

Everyone knows legalizing prostitution increases child and adult sex trafficking. TLAV has no love for children.

But someone will always post their garbage here daily without reading it carefully.

Here is a good description of neurolinguistic programming for anyone who doesn't know about this black op and is interested:


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I wish more people understood NLP. Then they would notice how it's used in politics and the media.

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Thank you for that link. Been meaning to study how NLP is used to manipulate people.

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You are an idiot with a clear motive to slander TLAV. Feel free to back up your claims with any evidence. If you did any due diligence, you would see how absurd your claims are, and it is all right there is their archives for you to see how wrong you are. Legal Prostitution is not "good" but should be legal (in my opinion) for two consenting adults, and to say otherwise is simply ignorant of the Constitution, but when children are involved, or anyone against their will, TLAV has done nothing but show how sinister these people are, and do their best to expose them. I am not implying that there are not intentionally vague articles designed to put one into a "hyper-suggestible subconscious state" as vague as that is itself, but simply that such an accusation is very thin and sort of a straw-man, as there is no way for one to prove otherwise, which makes me doubt your intent. I find their info to be far better than most, which is what I find to be the general consensus, despite your attempts to convince people otherwise.

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