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Great post hnj. I rarely vote on shit and I just gave you an up-voat.

And for what it's worth everybody I was wrong about George Webb. Hnj was one of the first to call me on it.

George Webb is a limited hangout like all the rest. He's just operating in the shallow end of the learning curve.

I owe hnj a formal apology because I busted his balls countless times but he was right in the end.

I'm sorry I doubted you hnj. I apologize. You were right and I was wrong.


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You may fool these fucking drooling buffoons but not me you kikeshill. Webb outed himself and you STILL tried to waste peoples time here. What are we at day 300? LOL!

You gonna also admit Seth Rich is a fucking kikeshill too and way more socialist Jewrats are gonna bite the dust before this is over? Because PG is 100% Jews top to bottom and thats why you act so indignant at their very mention? You married a Jew i bet. What's his name

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"but not me you kikeshill."

Duly noted Black Hitler. Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually not a shill but whatevs. I've told you that 1000 times with no effect.

"You gonna also admit Seth Rich is a fucking kikeshill"

Admit? I've been saying Seth Rich was a school play for months now.

"Because PG is 100% Jews top to bottom"

The Jews aren't the only Brownstone Operators. It's odd you would imply they are. What's the deal with that?

"thats why you act so indignant at their very mention?"

No idea what your question is here.

"You married a Jew i bet."

No. I married an Irish Catholic and spent 7 years in Hell until finally escaping through a well time divorced.

"What's his name"

Black people are funnier than that. That's the corniest joke I've heard all year. Are you sure you're black?


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Upvoat for humility.

I for one(not that I'm any form of authority), have a hard time figuring you out sometimes, but, posts like this are very reassuring.

EDIT: For the record, I'll admit that Webb's little charade was 'inspiring' at first, took me a little while to figure him out too.

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Fair play DM

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DarkMath you fucking cunt. If I was a bird, you'll be the first person I'd shit on.

You know what I'm talking about...


"The power of 5."

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"You know what I'm talking about..."

Actually I have no idea what you're talking about.


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Watch all the Youtubers that they connect with - the ones that suddenly sprung up from nowhere and are now everywhere.

Here's another example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO7f-Slo3m0 It starts off quite well with Lionel but then I had to switch off halfway through when it quickly degenerates into 'jovial' waffle.

Stay frosty and trust no one.

You got that right.

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I never knew that Lionel guy knew Webb and Jason. He's (Lionel) funny but I never trusted him.

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He was another one of those people advocating for Hillary Clinton to not be prosecuted early on. But he got so much blow back from his regular listeners he quickly learned to stay off that topic. You are right not to trust him.

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This rabbit hole goes too deep. Fuck this giant Jewish Labyrinth called the internet

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Get with this reality everyone!

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This truth cuts both ways though. Good information and good people are sometimes discredited by their associations. It's possible that disinformation and bad guys are accepted as often as they are dismissed. But the reverse is also possibly true. I've had brushes with deep state people and even collaborated with a couple. Afterward, those same forces used that fact to label me a disinformer.

I subscribe to being professional, open minded and to do good work you can stand behind. Then any associations you have are mostly inconsequential.

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I agree and once people like them start bringing up aliens, I can't watch or believe them anymore.

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Two words: Phoenix Lights

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Phoenix lights were nutz, and I've personally seen ufos with my own eyes, one that was almost right on top of me, but rds, Goode, greer (think that's his name) and all these other diclosure types and pro to amateur larp accts mostly just confuse, discredit, complicate w/o much other than bed time stories that mutate into strange pseudo religions. In the end they just distract from focusing on ending basic, cut n dry crime and corruption like sacking a country in the name humanitarianism, slaps on the wrist for banks built of drug money, and of course pedophiles somehow thriving in the top echelons of power. You know, basic shit, the stuff you don't have to break Einstein's theory of realitivity to prove and correct. Edit: puzzle palace has been playing this game for a long, long while

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Agreed that RDS is most likely controlled opposition at this point.

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Right on, this is a flare in the dark. The sayanim are so numerous that it becomes like whack-a-mole!

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Don't trust these people: David Seaman, Defango, LTV, George Webb, Jason Goodman, Quinn Michaels (he did some good work on the Palantir thing but I don't trust an AI programmer with no eyebrows, honeybee (pink hair is degenerate and her whole Elsagate debunking was probably given to her. It was an ARG), Robert David Steele.

Pizzagate was bait and a psyop, remember this. They banned pizzagate on purpose and planned the voat migration to splinter communities and further balkanize the internet. They rather keep us subversives all in one place. They want to COMPARTMENTALIZE the internet. Information dissemination takes longer if folks are spread out.

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I don't trust any of them either. Sincere question-- if they splintered the communities on purpose, then how does that group the PG researchers into one place?

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we're in a smaller honeypot, it's easier to monitor and control now. Elsagate was a red-herring created by them. I'm certain that it was indeed degenerates and Jews playing with the algorithms but it was designed to confuse people and cause rage.

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sorry, ARG is another new term on my radar, translation?

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Alternate Reality Game. It's like a puzzle for goyim

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more info on elsagate being an arg?

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the comment sections are all bot accounts

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Bleak and real is the order of the day.

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wow 2 downvotes. CIA IS SHOOK

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Maybe they just trust no one, yourself included.

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Lol. That was funny.

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