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Wow it's nothing.

Protip: Jamal and Tyrone aren't running high level child sex rings. If you were Mr. CIA man would you let a negro with face tattoos run the operation? No.

Edit- One of the perpetrators names is actually Jamaal, lmao.

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You can't hide the hook man. Is this why Gene and Paul avoided substances and got rich off their biz skills?


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The story doesn't say what happened to the victims or how many there were. Were they just released to CPS to start the cycle all over? I'm glad they at least caught these scumbags.

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If it's (mostly) Galveston County, and the FBI was involved, why don't they dust off that "Ryan vs Alefantis" report while they're at it.

A group consisting of nine men and three women have been arrested for allegedly forcing minors into sex trafficking and child pornography.

How are people sick enough to "traffic" children. Even women involved. Money talks? Conscience walks.


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Crazy. Just saw it on one of the local Facebook pages

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You okay? Pretty hot out. Good to hear from you :)

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