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One Of Our Own Is Mentioned: @Duhiki wrote a great letter to Disney's licensing department. and I can't help but notice that the subversive nature the current manifestation of clubpenguincp shares with Elsagate in that seemingly innocent things associated with Disney are also associated with porn. How great is that? Thanks @duhiki

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They have a variety of complaints againist them. Their intials are intials cp to.

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Really happy to see you along with others are starting in on this. I'll join up when I can, feel free to refer back to my comments on the other post re: Gothamgirl's post on this if you want my opinion on some of the stuff out there.

This shit just doesn't add up

FYI idk how to tag ppl or link posts via the app so couldn't do so in this post.

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Tried to tell my sister about elsagate etc and any copy Disney connections, shes like 'no, no if they were trying to rip off Disney they'd be on top of it and shut them down or sue them' She just would not look at what I was going to show her as proof, just wanted to stay in her 'happy bubble' plus her daughter works for disney as an illustrator which I am guessing why shes dismissing it! Frustrating! - She does have 'Ostrich Syndrome' (sticking her head in the sand and thinking everything is rosey) and believes the tv news at face value, saying I should not go on the internet so much as there is such a lot of fake news and stuff you cant trust! - how do you get through to people who don't want to hear?

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Don't tell them; show them the vids and ask why Disney hasn't issued cease and desist orders regarding the perversion of their intellectual property.

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Will try this thanks :)