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The cameras being hacked are part of CIA capacity and have been. Vault 7. They can enter any security camera turning them on & off, hacking them, infecting them etc.

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So. I'm on dial up so can't watch the vid. How were the cameras hacked? How did they know they were hacked? IP cameras are stupid easy to hack. Closed circuit TV are NOT so easy to hack..... They require physical access to the cameras, the cables or the recording machine....

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he doesn't answer any of these questions. He says he has a IC source telling him this.

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gotcha.... the old" secret source"......

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You are on Dial-up? And you can surf the internet?

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yup.... mostly low bandwidth sites. Place like Voat, drudge... oddly enough a site like stevequayle.com, which is one of the fastest on dialup I have seen and I'm not sure why...)

You'ed be amazed and what you can see on a slow dial up and all the fooken tracking that goes on that you can actually see load up, in the status bar.

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Dial-up! What in the hell...?

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ya. Go live outside of any US metropolitan area and there is no such thing as high speed. I actually think I am using a AOL dial up bank that was rebranded. Fun fact. About 5-10 million Americans are still on dial up as it's the only inet option available to them and 3 million of them are on AOL still....

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usually, the DVRs recording them are just another computerized device. Unless it's super old and they're recording to tape. in which case, they probably just steal or vandalize the equipment.

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The more I think about this, the more it REALLY bothers me. If a person has home surveillance footage, depending on how clear the video or a still, that could open a lot of doors for investigators (facial recognition w/ timestamps, possible eyewitness testimony, etc.). I won't be donating, however I appreciate the information and I hope it is worth following up on. Even if this turns out not to be true, it's quite interesting to consider.

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If it's true, it's big.

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And if it's not true, it makes responsible investigators look like conspiracy theory nuts. Sigh.

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True. I don't know how to react to these assertions. Don't want to discount them, but don't want to get on board either.

Guess we'll wait and see. Although there was that one purported video. WTH ever happened to that? Supposedly, the parents were haggling for it.

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One man's conspiracy theory is another man's theory about a conspiracy. Theories exist and conspiracies exist, but "conspiracy theory" is somehow taboo. Go figure.

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Very reminiscent of the Pentagon. (Sigh)

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Seth Rich wasn't murdered: https://voat.co/v/pizzagatewhatever/2034884


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Project Dumbo

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I think it was Aaron who really was the one who leaked all this using Seth's name! Why? For $$!

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