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This guys story is disturbing but he has facts, video, photographs as proof. Confirms again that it was George HW Bush that was the one into child sex and mind control. He also speaks of him admitting to being behind Kennedy assasination and then Reagan.

In his other video he describes experiences with Paul Bonnacci (Franklin Scandal who also was mind control child sex slave that identified Bush)

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=pftj_-eV6DY&t=2s :

A 16 yr old carried the Nuclear Codes when Reagan was shot! Share! - YouTube

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Here are a couple of resources I'd recommend. Thanks for your tough story, stay firm.

Cathy O'brien's books are the cats meow,. Particularly good is PTSD, you can email them also, they are jammed but will get back when able to do so, it sounds like you could use some support. They do this work everyday and can help. Their website is trance formation of America...., something. Duck It.

Dr. Colin Ross, and his five clinics are hammered with MK'd folks, That's all they do. They can make some room for those like you in a difficult situation. Contact them, call, use a phone, they answer and listen well.

Last reference is good old JC himself. Much recommended. When my memories returned, that's when I found out he was there all along. Not remote like I imagined in my day job, but an active player in my hidden other story. My hero actually. I wouldn't be here today without his intervention. Praise the Lord.

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Reading his story just now has helped me connect some of my own dots. Devil's breath was used on him-- and I have had a lingering suspicion that Devil's Breath was the drug used on me while I was kidnapped and missing last year.

I was drugged at a bar and had what I believe was Devil's Breath combined with all the booze that I had drank that night.

That same night I recall coming out of my black out only a few times, and at one point my abductor had his hands clasped tightly around my face, making sure I was looking directly into his eyes as he asked me questions.

Since that night, and since my escape, I now suffer from blackouts with barely any alcohol consumption. I wonder if the alcohol paired with the Devil's Breath somehow has triggered an alternate persona in me whenever I get drunk now.


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That's some scary shit, all the way around. But if that's how they're getting to you-- not drinking at all can be a pain in the ass but then it can't trigger you and make you vulnerable. And maybe that's how you can beat them.

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Alexander Haig was great.

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He was "in control", according to him.

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I don't find his story believable-he was not young enough to start MkUltra programming-it doesn't work if you don't begin the process before around age 7, a young sex slave holding nuclear codes? Not hardly, He is in the same car as the assassin of Reagan??? This makes no sense, This does not jive, there is no proof, only a story

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SunajAeon, Who told you MkUltra programming only works on kids before the age of 7? I would love to know who this expert is that has you believing them? I would like to see their proof that convinced you since a photo of me holding the briefcase doesn't seem to convince you. not to mention a video of me in the back seat of the patrol car when they tried to place Hinckley in the car, by the way, they didn't place him in the car, they tried to because they didn't see me in the back seat until the officer in the orange coat seen me and said so on the video then had Hinckley taken to another patrol car. Why would I make something like this up and how could I? The video of me in the backseat was never made public. can you explain that?

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Nobody knows you here, we only have a report without any proof-Voat is not about emotionalism, it is about EVIDENCE, what I know about MkUltra is what is published about its techniques, and typically it is performed on young children (7 years or earlier) which is not to say mind programming is limited to young children, but you claim you were carrying the nuclear football-that's quite an extreme statement, that a sex slave is assigned to carry this, who was abducted and initiated at such a late date-frankly the story is not believable on its surface-if you expect to have credibility here evidence is required-this is not Youtube, or Twitter where you can post such a story without real evidence-if what you say is true (and I am not making that claim) remember what this place is and come back with evidence-there are many other places you can tell your story without being scrutinzed