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Video not available :/

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even the hookuptube link?

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Nope. Link works but video not available it says.

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it's working here! and i didn't upload it.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=vUX9W5CnX-U :

Audio Interview: Discussing the Gay Mafia, Paedophilia and Government Corruption - YouTube

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I can fire up talk-shoe live to chat to friends and foes alike again if I get a few people to talk to to quiz me about what's happening in the OTO saga. Thank god the police just wanted to talk about renewing my visa. No problems. Which they didn't come so late at night though


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"Building a whiter and brighter future", this podcast is 2hrs 47mins long, and looks like a white supremacist production.

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It's a victim of gay pedophiles and pedophilia normalization podcast production like it clearly says in the first 3 words of the podcast


I produced it. So it's officially a race mixer production. Do you accept you are wrong?

Here is the baby sex normalization activist infant sex lover who sued my dad for disrespecting baby rapists Mark Newton and Peter Truong who police protection to give death threats attacking my Asian wife just to prove 100% you are wrong.



Those aren't my blogs btw.

You are posting disinfo and you know it.

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I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, the image on the podcast is from Creativity Alliance? It should have a NSFW for the foul language, and by 15 mins in there are complaints that Jews and gays are colluding to suppress white speech.

It isn't disinfo to give my opinion... if you aren't connected to CA maybe you shouldn't link to their copy of your interview?

I'm glad you aren't a white supremacist, but it seems like Rev Cambeul leans that way with his Church of Creativity.

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Don't judge a book by it's cover. IM A FUCKEN ADMITTED RACE MIXER!


LGBTI pedo normalization inc can't fence me in or pigeon hole me. It's not going to work.


I talk to anyone who is actively campaigning against those hate those who rape kids, white nationalists included.

So because I interviewed on a gay radio station too does that make me gay?


You might want to read what the LGBTI screaming russian baby rape infant sex normalization activists have done to my family and I first before commenting any further.


Start by listening to my father: http://www.truthnews.com.au/web/radio/story/cultural_marxism_101

Good luck calling him a white nationalist.