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I wish I could find the videos I embedded from Cooper here. The person who posted them was arrested by the police but i forgot his name because when the police censored his YouTube and he was jailed for calling for DEATH TO GAY PEDOPHILES and not any specific person. It's a crime to wish death upon those who fuck children these days but the court video showing this case got censored!

The video of his trial was here - but it was censored by the government: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM47hhSkDBk


Help me identify the person who got thrown in jail for the crime of wishing death upon pedophiles - you'll see his video embedded in that OTO child sex cult blog You can see the court censorship orders to remove that archive.is blog post to defend the oto kiddy fuck cult here:


The special gay child sexxer protector police also threatened censorship many times over 1 year - take down the blog posts or we will jail you. The OTO kiddy fuck cult exposed here founded the NSW GLLO gay police (http://facebook.com/policeglbti() via their operative Gregory John Tillett who wrote the history of the OTO in Australia. That's a fact because camp.org.au says so the oldest gay organization in Australia.

More info on the OTO satanic kiddy fuck cult that rules us ALL!






Even others are saying the same as me about the OTO in Australia on youtube




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the great thing about this is that he gives you a lot of the resource material (named, dates, etc) you need to look into many of the things he says so you can see the truth for yourself instead of taking his word for it. it all makes sense and the societies he speaks about are the ones behind pizzagate.

just recently re-learned about this guy after forgetting much about him. theres more material of his on youtube if you prefer shorter videos


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One of very few real truthers out there - they murdered him on Nov 5, 2001 - should be National Holliday! He exposed Alex Jones like no tomorrow and he had predicted 9-11 on June 28, 2001!


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=F-d0wBYrMxU :

BILL COOPER TELLS ALL About The JFK Assassination, Aliens & The Illuminati Conspiracy - YouTube

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The most important part of that whole video was Majority twelve or Majestic 12 as it is referred to sometimes. Mind blowing


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didn't you already post this?, it wasn't deleted.



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No, that thread was referring to the documents on Cooper that was just released by the FBI

this is more me wanting to share his video of his where he seems to basically explain whats going on with the secret societies and these people who are running the show.. the people behind what we know as pizzagate. unrelated to the FBI documents discussion. im just into Cooper again, havent looked into his stuff for a long time now. now that his name is resurfacing, figured that it must be for a reason, so i would share his video


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oh, right. I wasn't sure what was going on there, (or here).