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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=tk3WlFZiznk :

Dead Obama Critic Triggered John Podesta Before Unexplained Loss of Life - YouTube

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Why is this not getting more traction? I fear the day that we stop remembering victims names because there are too many.

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The whole thing is disturbing. There seems to be an open season on dissenters and people who stand in this way of a Cannibal Elite New World Order.

No borders and children for everyone.

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They seem so brazen...knowing the MSM, law enforcement, and the courts won't lift a finger against them.

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Notice the comments are still disabled for MSM. It means they can print any type of propaganda and go unchallenged. They even published a story about how it was Trump's actions that will cause a rise in Obamacare premiums. The rise in premiums was predicted and determined even before the election. It's completely false, but there's the new narrative going unchallenged and spreading like wildfire.

This is unbelievable.

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