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The Steel Yard - Clay Rockefeller


The Rockefeller Warhouse The Steel Yard mirrors the Pajama Factory Warehouse where "kill room" is mentioned by one of James Alefantis's employees;

Alefantis Kill Room Found - The Pajama Factory


And you noticed that Clay Rockefeller has his boy in girl dresses...well thats because they image their kids after the androgenous Baphomet;

Happy Rockefeller and the Rock-a-Fellas - Transgender Elite


The upside down pentagram is human sacrifice and you can see the upside down pentagrams on the Comet Ping Pong store front;


I also noticed that you can no longer archive Instagram posts using the archive websites.

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misc. Rothschild family trivia - weird shapes in buildings for their California winery -



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Opus One is a temple devoted to Satan.

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The steel yard - "Loves to weld and chop" :) Might want to get the wording changed ?