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@duhiki, I'm giving this our brand new "Share!" flair. Hopefully, many will follow your lead.

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Very strategically written.

I honestly think a response of some sort will likely come; probably more of a "We are aware of these allegations and are working on bringing it to a resolution...blah blah..."

In terms of the legalities I don't think they have a leg to stand on but if anyone could find a means to end this in court it would be Disney. Their legal team is the epitome of the term 'Game Over'....for better or worse...

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It's certain they have an army of lawyers protecting intellectual property and have long been aware of these videos, yet have chosen to turn a blind eye to them. I would suspect OPs inquiry will go unaddressed.

If enough pressure were brought to bear, I'm sure they would act, but the real question is why they've chosen not to. Somewhere, someone is creating these videos at great cost with, presumably, assurance there won't be a threat of litigation.

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At great cost? Am I thinking of the same thing? What I am aware of, the spidey and elsa shit as lampooned by H3H3, looks extremely low budget.

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There's the elephant in the room, actually... Just what if, Disney has indeed ALLOWED the authors to use their intellectual property? We could boycott them, sure, but the sad reality is that said boycott would only reach a small portion of Disney's target audience/buyers - it'd be but the tiniest impact on their profits, really.

That said, I'd still support such a move :P

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Or people raise a stink about how Disney sues bakers yet lets Youtube creators create scat videos starring their intellectual properties... it's a bigger risk to their profits, I think, if people (esp parents) started talking about it on social media.

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My point there though, is that I'm worried about how efficiently the message of "boycott disney because~", would spread.

I mean, let's face it, Disney has been copping flak for decades, regarding it's ties to nazism, the blatant sexual innuendo littered throughout their work, etc etc... if these aren't enough to shut Disney down, unfortunately, I doubt that some abstract videos(as fucked up as they are), will be enough to bring Disney to it's knees.

I'm being cynical/pessimistic, I know, but something tells me that Disney is at least partially complicit - whether in just the elsagate videos or the grand scheme of trafficking abroad, remains to be confirmed.

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totally agree, but once a tipping point is reached, i think its possible. especially since a portion of the audience has known whats up for a decent amount of time

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Yeah, look at the R Kelley case. He is protesting, he has nothing to hide. His people say there is nothing there, and no investigation but concert sales are down 50%. People are not dumb. It could work if Moms start spreading it. Moms are a powerful force.

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Heres an idea, what if I bought a digital billboard in a place where people sit in traffic on their way to work (like boston) and just played a 20second clip of the worst elsagate stuff on repeating loop.

Disney can't sue because it highlights the fact they didnt care about this on youtube and disney didnt make it.

The elsagate people can maybe sue but id argue they dont own those characters anyway, and would force them to come out to public about their videos.

Youtube cant do anything they just host the videos, they didnt own or make them its fine to play a video on another platform

Thoughts?? Just need the right clip and a billboard, maybe can get a child protection charity (a real one) to buy the billboard with money from an anonymous donation

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That would be interesting as hell. :)

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Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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http://archive.is/qGuY0 this was, I believe, one of the articles written by that Elsagate journalist that was in here asking for help, but I could be wrong. This article alleges that Disney is behind Elsagate, which would explain why they don't care.

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Might I suggest quickly though, that precautions be taken before emailing Disney with concerns RE: Elsagate.

Let's suppose for a moment, that they are complicit... imagine how much of a honeypot it then is, to email Disney using a personally identifiable email account;

Consider using an alternate and/or encrypted email service with an unidentifying email account name!

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I made an account on tutanota just to email them; it's encrypted end to end and strips IPs. If Loretta Lynch can use her gramma's name for business emails, so can I :)

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If Loretta Lynch can use her gramma's name for business emails, so can I :)

Had a hearty lol at that one, thank you xD

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If you send it encrypted they won't be able to read it will they?

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I don't think you go far enough with what you say. They ARE complicit, do you honestly think they have no idea those videos exist? They somehow know when a starving artist or a baker makes a one off painting or cake with Disney IP, they know. Do you really think a bunch of degenerate YouTube vids are eluding them?

I'd venture its more likely the case that these videos were made in Epcot or Magic Kingdom by theme park actors on Disney time than these being legitimately 3rd party.

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or you might also consider moving to somewhere deep in the Brazilian Rain Forest! (in other words, fake your own death)

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If you mean sending encrypted email then the other person on the receiving end has to be able to decrypt it with the same encrypted email service or tool used. If that is what you mean that makes sending Disney encrypted a slim option.

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nono, services exist which (albeit, I'm fuzzy in the details) apply encryption to their incoming and outgoing emails - they're otherwise readable on either end, without any extra effort though.

In all honesty, I doubt it would do much in the end one way or another, but a bit of effort towards obfuscation can't hurt :)

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