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It is always helpful for these to happen but I want to explain to everyone what you are seeing with these "John stings" These guys are the lowest hanging fruit of all. These "John Stings" have been going on in cities for decades. Remember "to catch a predator"

The real traffickers are not caught in these stings. They do not use the known types of communication listed. This is all done through the dark web and other ways. Sad but true. Unless the FBI is empowered to turn on itself and politicians no big guys will go down this way.

Edit: Just to drive in the succinct point when you here "John" or "sting" or "Operation" before anything you are getting a light cover story trying to appease the masses.

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You are exactly right. These arrests are only for cover, headlines, and revenue generation including grants and foundations.

Wisconsin and I-94 is a main trafficking arm up from Chicago over to Minnesota and the Dakotas (also linked to Quad Cities over to Omaha), and the very people and groups involved in trafficking and extreme corruption are the ones behind the organizations claiming to be investigating it.

The "root" and model is in Racine, where they formed the Anti-Trafficking Coalition, The Fight to End Exploitation and the I-94 Project which have connections to elite players in the area as well as the Clinton Foundation, McCain Foundation and Institute, and celebrities including Caron Butler, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Tom DeLonge and Ashton Kutcher. They are all involved.

These programs are also tied to sanctuary cities, education reform, prison reform, mafia, gangs, Racine Social Justice League, Racine Interfaith Coalition, foundations, PACs, clubs and organizations, corrupt churches, corrupt law enforcement, and secret societies. Many of those involved have been exposed and they since have deleted web sites and Facebook pages, destroyed evidence, targeted and stalked witnesses, and changed many of the players sudden retirements, resignations and transfers.

They are in cover up mode. Wisconsin is the weak link. This is all orchestrated. There is more to the Amazon and Foxconn deals than people realize. Racine, Wisconsin if the key to exposing the entire system and letting the world know the Truth about the real agenda - Global Enslavement and the Mark of the Beast.

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i agree. there are clearly people above the johns organizing this, and it's infuriating to see zero evidence of them getting in trouble. you are not the only one waiting to see the big guys go down

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sad but true

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Thank you for stating the hard facts.

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Your welcome. I just don't want people to get false hope and begin to recognize the signed of the cover story. We can not be appeased and they need to know this. "John Stngs" is not going to cut it. Arrest of high level government politicians, militatray, law enforcement, CIA etc. is the only thing we will settle for.

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This is a weekly occurrence under the Trump Administration. With a strong link to the DNC and sex trafficking, it's no mystery to me why the DNC is currently 3.3 million in debt. They are losing all their slaves and their plantations are being destroyed.

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How about it Wisconsinites? Is this for real? @Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt so it is hard to believe, but I am wishing and hoping. Over 1K rescued is a sizable number of rescues. Wonderful if true. @fogdryer

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Spam. They put "human trafficking" in the title to confuse people. This is only dudes getting busted buying sex from prostitutes. They do this a lot now to confuse people.

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I had a feeling at first, and so it is true. So this may definitely be Fake News, then if they are. It is still horrible, for those women or young ladies are in need of help as well. We know they are living a life of drugs and trying to make ends meet. But the children, they will one day become prostitutes as well, if not killed first. This is so very very sad all the way around.

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That's incredibly frustrating. You can keep arresting the buyers who are looking for sex (sex will always be high in demand, arrest one buyer and another takes his place), but that doesnt place any penalties on the pimps who keep soliciting the prostitutes/sex slaves.


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This is all a cover up. The real people and groups involved at the higher levels are the groups connected to the organizations claiming to be working on Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Corruption programs. Wisconsin is a cesspool of extreme corruption at all levels. This is just for headlines and to falsely justify the work of the groups that are involved in trafficking and corruption.

Law enforcement in Wisconsin is complicit to any crimes involving officials and the elite. It goes beyond the Marquette mafia but that is one of many groups that connect judges and attorneys around the state. These groups will leverage children, homeless, abuse victims, veterans, seniors, churches and anything they can to cover up the real Truth. They are all in the same clubs and societies together, and provide protection to others in the group.

Look into the Anti-Trafficking Coalition, The Fight to End Exploitation, and the I-94 Project. These are connected to a coalition of corrupt foundations, organizations, institutions, celebrities, and religious groups including Jesuit, LDS, OTO, Scientology, and Kabbalah.

They need to be exposed for what they really are - a model for trafficking, corruption, and the real agenda of Global Enslavement.

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I had a sinking feeling that the information was a cover up. Of course I was hoping for a better outcome but knowing what you have written about Racine and Wisconsin State, I knew the chances were slim. Thank you for responding.

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Has to be real because that was a local news channel - not neonettle etc

Local news is legit

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Real busting of dudes buying sex from prostitutes. That is an everyday happening. This is not a "human trafficking ring" bust. They are trying to confuse people into believing the child trafficking problem is being tackled.

This shit pisses me off.

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I am so glad to hear that, did not notice. Maybe things are changing. This is very good news. Thank you God.

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Supposedly, local news affiliates of the "big" networks are not overseen by TPTB but remember what happened to Ben Swann? http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cbs-news-distances-itself-from-affiliates-pizzagate-report/317908

Saying all local news stories are always legit is a dangerous blanket statement to make.

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They caught some guys trying to snatch kids at the restrooms at Bay Beach. This is basically the Green Bay area.

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It is so very important to make sure you accompany your kids to the restroom. Lots of parents think since they are in a family place that their kids are safe, not anymore. They can't wait to get their hands on them.

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wow. do you have a link?

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Here is a better link with more information and a video http://www.weau.com/content/news/439859663.html

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Human Trafficking

Defined In dictionary.com

Is the illegal practice of procuring or trading in

human beings for the purpose of:


Forced Labor

Or other forms of exploitation.

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If you want to help be a misleading influence that is your choice. Go for it.

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When you talk about children traffic, you usually

have to talk about drug running in Wisconsin:


And Crime In General:


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Wait, How did I miss this one?

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About 20 Wisconsin Counties.

What we have already found out:



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