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Just curious, not making accusations, has anyone ever looked into Disney club penguin by chance? The intials cp, they have chatrooms and claims its networking for young kids, it gives options to make purchases to. Seems like the perfect pedo hangout.

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I actually heard this point raised once in discussion once years ago and had not had the technical abilities to look into this.

That being said - It goes on my list now.

I Simply the name gives me shivers now in this context. Obviously haven't spent any time looking into this so shills fuck off BUT I am well aware pedos had penetrated Disney early on. Hopefully I'll be able to look into this within the month. The name makes no fucking sense; my intuition already tells me this is a case of hiding in plain site so let's see if the backstory on the name "club penguin" holds any water.

Each time another situation like this is brought forth we hope to be conclusively wrong but unfortunately, far too often, this has not been the case as is clearly evidenced by the widespread corruption/coverups already overturned.

Ty for posting this OP. It's in the queue.

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The game has a pizza place. I am seeing numerous complaints for billing, hacking and none delivery of subscriptions. You have to give access to your pics and video's to play. Access to your wifi which is a given. I see a few complaints that you must pay real money, for your character to be able to wear clothes.

I found 2 complaints that stand out in 5 minutes. It could be pervs or just older kids. https://ibb.co/gLAcEv https://ibb.co/b4QAZv

I will keep looking to.

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Meant to say ty to both OP and the commenter above**

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Yep. That's a great point.

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This is the first time I've ever heard of it,

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About time someone thought to ask that question!!!!!! I'm disgusted with myself for not thinking of it first!!! Bravo , tweeter!

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I heard on the news this morning that Disney is departing Netflix and will start their own screening site. Hmm. Will they then be able to establish their own rules, or what is the purpose?.

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What i$ the purpo$e

Hard to tell with Di$ney

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While they are bu$y counting their CA$H, Chaching! They will be Brain Wa$hing our Kid$

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My opinion, they want a society of degenerates, so they can munipulate more people into doing really deplorable things. The reasoning for a one world government is full control, who easier to fool, then someone you've brainwashed yourself since birth. They think we are the scum beneath their feet. They're using every outlet to poison society literally.

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I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they were funding the operation. Disney is and has always been a pedophiliac organization, right from day one.

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they wont reply. this isnt the first time they've been approached about it or the most know figure to ask iirc

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If enough people continually ask it might force their hand, or at least draw more attention to it.

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Two things: Disney has black for it's Twitter color (I don't think I've ever seen that) and the number on that car that's on their background can be seen as a backward "69".

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I was always under the impression that bots uploaded them faster than Disney could have them taken down.

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That wouldn't stop Disney from unleashing cease and desist letter. The fact that they haven't done so is very telling.

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Telling just like the fact that NOBODY in the msm has EVER even mentioned that John and Tony Podesta are dead ringers for the McCann accused sketches. And telling like how everyone steers clear of having to explain Tamera Luzatto's blog.

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Problem with that impression is that many hv been up for awhile, many with million + views. These are the people that sue nerds running not so profitable light saber classes after all.

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Guess I'm out of the loop on this one.

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