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Dear Lord, thanks for this.

My thoughts exactly and an Upvoat for you.

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Blah blah, with all due respect, it's just not cool to tell people what they should, and should not be investigating and / or posting, The Worldcorpo videos are obviously child abuse, whether they have connections to JP or not.

If people are interested in them, let them and just don't click on the thread. We're not here to police each other.

And... if you wish to investigate patebin and cheese pizza references, why not post a thread about it and we can each decide if we want to investigate that. Peace.

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This is exactly right. There are several avenues of investigation and thousands of people investigating. Why the call to shut off one of the avenues?

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True story: things were heating up elsewhere and BOOM, a new video. Why not just waste time on G.Webb?

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things were heating up elsewhere? Where? We have enough people to research everything. Including webb and I just learned today about webs brother. did you know about hiim? Not me, but it's explaining a lot. why do you try to shut down research. we have our own reasons for looking at this. Just ignore us.

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Research is fine. If being fed unprovable abuse-porn is a thing, I'll remove myself from the conversation, thanks. I will add a cent or two from time to time, though.

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Because G. Webb is a disinfo agent,

Let's quote the Webbtard hero from his own YT video comments:

Day 224.3. Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen


I am a zionist, so i admit i protect Israel in the story. Israel supports the ISIS ratline (75% of Israeli line is from the ratline i believe) But i don't believe they are involved, etc. My big focus is to get all the emails, not to shame Israel. The emails are the key to the investigation IMO.

Just like i said before, All of his "research" is carefully constructed to divert attention from AIPAC / Israel's involvement in the corrupt US government, and in organ, women and child trafficking

Anyone with half a brain can figure out the Awan Brothers were employed by Mossad through AIPAC.. they were really patsies working on gathering info for the state of Israel, of course neither George or the zionist Gayson are going to mention this.