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Great post with some spine-chilling evidence. Podesta and Hillary definitely have an aura about them which suggests they are involved in Satanic rituals.

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Absolutely they do..i think if yu work with evil for so long it physically changes yur appearance

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Exactly. Especially as seen in the eyes- the muscles around the eyes, the amount of light (or lack of) coming through... as we all know, the eyes are the window of the soul.

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These people need to be held accountable for their actions.

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True -- I often think that both Bill and Hillary were part of CIA's MKULTRA as children -- We very definitely know that Bill was involved in Operation Chaos spying on the left and VN protesters. Both Bill and Hillary had fathers involved it seems in organized crime. We also again saw Bill and Hillary working for and being protected by the CIA in the Mena, Ark drug running for the CIA.

John Stockwell, ex CIA and whistleblower often refers to the CIA as "Catholics In Action."

But again -- "Satan" and the "Devil" and "Hell" are creations of organized patriarchal religions -- the Old Testament/Hebrew was written to cement patriarchy and the New Testament/Christianity continued on with a violent god and other held its control over nations via violence, Crusades, Witch Hunts.

The RCC held Jews for 1,100 years in Jewish Ghettoes in the Papal States thus preparing the nations of the Papal States for the Germany Holocaust. After WWII and the German Holocaust, the Catholic Church was called to "Confession" to their "co-responsibility and guilt" for the Jewish Holocaust in Germany.

Even after ALL Jews were released from the Jewish Ghettoes in France by the French, and in Italy by Italians ... the RCC went on another 100 years still issuing its vile propaganda against Jews and it was distributed by their vast propaganda network via journals and pamphlets.

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Actually, no. Podesta suffers from Dupuytren's Contracture and has had surgeries to free the tendons in his hand.

Proof: Wikileaks email to the infamous Tamera Luzatto

Subj: Dupuytren's Advance Info for John Podesta

Hi Tamera, On a routine visit to our Dr. Li, he gave me an abstract for a September N.Eng. J. of Med. article touting the success of a study injecting collagenase into Dupuytren's cords. Although not yet approved by the FDA, Dr. Li thinks this is big news and recommended I check it out with my hand surgeon as an alternative to my next surgery.

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I'm surprised Vindicator you haven't looked at Podesta's hands more closely.

Here is a photo of his RIGHT hand: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5b84rd/john_podestas_right_hand_is_mutilated_with_scars/ Whilst his right hand displays linear scars on the palm indicative of a fascietomy, the large part of the finger which has the skin completely gone does not. In a fascietomy, the skin is cut in a zig zag, usually on the palm and sometimes a short way up the finger. What a fascietomy does NOT do is take large chunks of skin off a finger and/or palm and not replace it. Here are hands recovering from a fascietomy: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=fasciectomy&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVnO78ucnUAhVCmJQKHXKkAw4Q_AUIBigB&biw=881&bih=420

This is a photo of his LEFT hand: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3525866/posts Note that there is a bandaid on his MIDDLE finger. That finger or hand has no signs of having had a fascietomy. A simple bandaid would not be used to cover the sutures if it had.

And if you recall, Abramovich's line was "With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of the right hand"--exactly the finger that has the bandaid on it.

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Thanks for all of that information, Piscina. I hadn't seen an up-close picture like that. That pinky looks like a skin graft gone wrong or a burn. Yuck. Having seen this up close now, I tend to agree with you...there is probably something more than Dupuytren's going on here. Although, the top comment in that Reddit post you linked does say it looks just like the commenter's dad's hands, who has Dupuytren's.

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*left(towards the end you accidentally said right)

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Any palmists? Would be most interested in a reading.

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john podesta is a very intelligent man and a genius at spinning media to the angle he wants. could this hand surgery just be a very helpful and convenient way to cover satanic rituals ?

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Unfortunately, he's not smart enough to know it's bad to rape and murder.

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Exactly - they have everything covered. Pig Farm gets rid of the bodies and Killary covers their asses.

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very intelligent p@ssword

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genius at spinning media

The media spins itself. It's own by people who would go down with him. He's being taken care of, not taking care of himself.

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Sorry to call you out on this Vindicator but Podesta has deep scars all over his hands.

Look at his right pinky finger

That's not something surgery would do to address Dupuytrens Contracture. Also the band aid on his left middle finger is exactly where Abramovic tells her "audience" to cut themselves.

And then there's the fact John Podesta's altar ego is a guy named Skippy who we now know orders hits on people. Given John Podesta claims to be an Enlightened Progressive offing his enemies is definitely NOT de rigueur.

John Podesta is a very sick man upstairs where it counts. Satan worship would easily explain many of his "life choices". Disturbingly John Podesta being a Jesuit could also explain many of the same things. Jesuit's are not Satan worshipers but the Pope gave them the power to do many of the same things.

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how convienant...Maybe he am luzatto are speaking in code

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This thread archived - https://archive.is/fqLF8

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I know they have tunnels under DC that allow politicians to move from one building to another without being exposed to the public. Does anyone know more about this?

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a non-healing incision or infection could result in missing 'chunks' or depressions near or along scars, left pinkie def looks affected as well... the drawings are stranger to me.... you could easily slot a finger ritually and have it close up with no scar at all... also i don't always see the band-aid, could easily be p-shopped?

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"Satan" and the "Devil" as well as "Hell" are the invention of the male mind and reflects their fear and desire to control society via organized patriarchal religions, using the Boogey Men of their delusions.

The Old World Religions are based in Nature --

"Those in power get to rewrite history and the Old Religions the Shamanism of Europe which preceded Judaism, Christianity and Islam by thousands of years was demonized and the old Gods/Goddesses were then co-opted as 'Saints' or demonized, as well."

"But, of course, there is no devil in the Old Religions and witches certainly didn't worship them. He belongs strictly to the religions of the Bible. He's their demon, their personification of evil, their shadow, and it is time for members of the Biblical faith to stop projecting him onto others and simply deal with their own darkness."

from "Confronting Anti-Semitism" by James Carroll