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You know what makes your discovery interesting. Podesta has emails that are written in Mandarin that contain a bunch pictures of children, in the attachments, 3 of them fit the profile of the kid screaming in the shower. In one of those emails he says "please send your girl to tie the knot." Your discovery comes from someone's blog Interesting that it's marked evidence.

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Not disbelieving you Gotham girl but can you share a link.

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@gothamgirl is this the one you're talking about?

It's an email with a bunch of picture attachments on different ways to tie "scarfs". https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/58207

Message translates (using google, so it's a rough translation) to "Please send your new female scarf to knot the law, please smile. Please male transfer to the female family or friends."

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No.. This is bullshit

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You may have pointed out new victims, and I thought it was a kid, good job something new to investigate.

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@winner2018: Thank you for researching and posting this. It's very fishy how hard these worldcorpo videos are pushed around here. And now here is evidence they are disinfo. Giving this a "New Evidence" flair.

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Their trolls and finding this was easy, i just cropped the photo of the body from the background and used google reverse image search... should have been done by someone months ago

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Which makes this even more interesting. Isnt Thailand no.1 sex location, specially for pedos? Worldcorp owner looks like a pedo to me.

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Orange County california has more pedos per capita than just about anywhere. I have lived in Thailand, I would say Cambodia isa bigger problem.

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Thailand has more pedo tourism I bet.

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Thailand is not a pedo destination unlike Cambodia.

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Oh yeah that's who it was. Thanks I was having the hardest time finding it. All I could recall was that she was British. DNA evidence on this one sucks. First test didn't match seamen then the second magically did. The garden hoe DNA never matched. Bunch of political B.S. Real mess of a case.

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here is a webpage about her with the unedited photo: http://www.phoenixism.net/?p=16389

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Stop deleting me you faggot