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Anyone heard anything from him afterwards?

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Yes I heard from him. It's very serious. I had commented about his information on @Bluebirdsolitude's thread and he messaged me on June 1st:

From: https://voat.co/u/JackMcBastard Re: Rural areas becoming breeding ground for human traffickers.

I'm sorry. I had to delete the post. There is so much resistance. I can't afford to get sued right now.

After I was released from the hospital I was supposed to go to 2 months of outpatient treatment. I went to my hometown to check on my house and pick up some clothes. The cops picked me up and held me for 3 days without charge before charging me with attempted murder and reckless endangerment. I've been in jail since March. Last week I was able to pay the bond so I finally got out. I have a psych evaluation tomorrow. If I can seem crazy enough, the charges will be dropped sometime next week. But I don't want to seem so crazy that they will try to commit me again. I'm ready to put this attack on me behind me and regroup.

This is still all very real. Thank you for still remembering us up here and following up. Keep fighting the good fight.

@Cc1914 @2impendingdoom @carmencita

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why the hell was this downvoted?

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No and I feel horrible because I said we would check on him and it's been 3 months .

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Has anyone checked out the Divide County Sheriffs Office? Maybe we can get some names and research. They might be protecting some REALLY Big Names that are messing with those kids. I feel bad too to have just dropped this. I hope he is OK. Jeremy Kessler where are you and how are you doing?

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i don't have FB, but maybe he has updated his account

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We should keep track of posters who provide detailed information or are long term members when they say they are under threat. one member has already passed away A. Dover from England. He had direct involvement with Clinton Foundation and the Hampstead Primary Children's Ritual Abuse Case but he provided details that could have opened this wide open 4 months ago and was ratting out his own family. He suddenly died at age 42.

Just saying we might pay attention if someone says they are under threat. Good job @Dressage2 for keeping up with him.

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Yes we must . There are enough of us who care here I think , to keep track of these ones.

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This is the first I have heard of the Brit. Do you have more info on him or a link?

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(Someone did send me a message/reply i cant find it at the moment but the person asked me about "Rural areas becoming breeding ground for human traffickers." in a reply/message about the Pizzacult Research Baltimore, Kara Walker, Domino Sugar. if i need to guess it is at least a month ago that i got that message)

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I've been wondering what happened with the Domino Sugar info . And the pictures of babies heads on display with cabbage heads in a supermarket ,and the picture I thought was from JA or one of his followers of the Halloween costume of a girl dressed as "little miss planned parenthood " carrying a clear purse containing aborted baby parts .

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What did he find that landed him in there?

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He was on meth when he fired the shots - no one has mentioned that. I guess it makes the story boring if you give proper details.

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Wow don't know how I missed that very important detail .

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Wow it sure looks like they could be related . I wonder if he was given a gag order (guy in hospital from voat ) and by him coming here and sharing his story while he was in the hospital .. it just may of saved him ?

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@Cc1914, can you summarize the post you linked to and why it was important to Pizzagate? It's been deleted by the author, and we will have to remove this post as well if it doesn't meet the submission rules. As this stands right now, there's no context.

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I'm not the OP but here is a summary referenced in my other comment:

From "Rural areas becoming breeding ground for human traffickers.": https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1895964/9317835

Very good article.

It reminded me of @JackMcBastard's thread about Crosby, North Dakota, the Bakkan oilfields. He spoke out about child sex trafficking at a hotel/restaurant there, and was placed in a rehab in a correctional facility where he earned the level to go on the internet via his Kindle, and contacted Voat from there.

He deleted the thread but there's information in the comments: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1694633

Comment by @Dressage2:

Facebook page someone posted Bypass Restaurant was very desolate area 6-8 miles from Canadian border. Picture posted shows huge 18-wheeler parked at restaurant. For a child trafficker via truck this probably would be good choice. Desolate and close to the border.

Basically @JackMcBastard or his friend saw secret society things, and children downstairs, in the Guardian Inn Motel, which has an attached restaurant/lounge called Bypass. (Someone tried to say Guardian has no basement, but the document was for a pre-existing home on the motel property.) The motel is across from a truck stop called New Century Ag.

Article: "Trafficking in North Dakota is on the rise, and often the victims can't escape"

  • Law enforcement agencies and victim service providers in western North Dakota, even if inclined to help, are maxed out, struggling to keep up with all the demands of a booming population and the crime that has followed.

  • North Dakota service providers, including staff at domestic violence shelters, report seeing a growing number of women and girls they believe to be victims of trafficking, but the state has no dedicated shelters for trafficking victims and the facilities that offer such services are 500 or more miles from the Oil Patch.


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I am sorry I panicked. It is a vote that will help trafficked children by making sure the children are not arrested and also an addition to help with rescue and after. This would be great. Cannot find yet if it passed. This may help Jeremy breath a little easier for those kids. But I am sure what he saw may still be occurring. So very sad.

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I was reading your comment while checking on Jeremy Kessler when I read the archived article. I can't believe what I read. ND will be voting on whether to to decriminalize prostitution for minors. WHAT? This is impossible to believe. Here is the paragraph:While many people may see prostitution as a life of choice, advocates and others close to the issue increasingly resist that characterization: Most of the women engaged in prostitution actually are victims, they say, and need to be treated as such. And while North Dakota lawmakers will consider a proposal this year to decriminalize prostitution in the case of minors, advocates insist more change is needed in societal attitudes and authorities' approaches to the problem. I AM going to look into this and hope to God it did not happen or pass.

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Thanks for that info exposethecriminals. Do you know why he was in jail?

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