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oh my god ...... megan kelly is going to burn in hell

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You know what they call women who sell themselves for money. She is just a high end call-girl, hooker, prostitute/pressitute. High end according to the money paid to her, not her personal worth.

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Jones is doing what he always does. Mix in lies with the truth, then go goes on national televison and denounces the truth while overacting and portraying an unstable "conspiracy theorist". He works for Time Warner. He has stratfor agents on his staff. He admitted it on his show and said it was no big deal, you guys sound crazy for bringing it up. Only a shill or a mental sloth who could never be red pilled supports Alex Jones.

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I don't know how she sleeps at night knowing she defended Alefantis. It doesn't matter how pretty she is, she is deceitful trash..

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I'm sure he sleeps just fine. He's an agent. This is what he does.

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AreWeSure that Alex Jones is a gatekeeper disinfo agent? AreWeSure that truthers don't do corporate media interviews? We have to be very very very very very very careful to not jump to conclusions. Careful everybody. Very very very dangerous to make decisions about what is obvious.

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What do Jones bashers, the mainstream media, and the satanic pedophiles all have in common? Well, they loathe Alex Jones. The defense rests.

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LOL, No truthers will ever get to interview any mainstream media personalities,

They wouldn't even have their phone calls returned.

Mainstream media sure hates Alex jones.. that is why he is interviewing disgraced and failed NBC and CIA talking head Megyn Kelly in his program LOL


Fox News's Tucker Carlson is nearly doubling the ratings of his predecessor, Megyn Kelly, when compared to the same time period last year, according to Nielsen Media Research,"

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Alex Jones doesn't cover pizzagate? It's almost every video now that he mentions satanic crowley pedophiles and human trafficking. He could be a shill, but it could be that he's been doing this a long time and has already known about elite pedophilia. So, the "pizzagate" as he understands it is something different than what we here at Voat understand it as. He was not here with us as it developed.

Why do we assume the omnipotence of these cults? Why do we assume no one whose heart is in the right place could ever succeed?

Alex Jones said he decided to do the interview to show people how manipulative the MSM. I personally can't help but be suspicious if anything the MSM gets involved with, but supposedly that's his reason.

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Megyn Kelly attacks alex and yet people here attack alex as well. What a joke this community is.

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There is no "attack" against Alex CIA Jones

It is all scripted, each side is playing its part to keep the MSM and the Infowars sheep entertained. Just like in the presidential debate, when Hillary was given the questions in advance, or just like when pedo Alefantis got the questions for the Megyn Kelly "interview" in advance, so he could prepare his "answers"

It is all a game, a big joke, don't you get it?

Anyone doing real attacks and real journalism, gets FIRED right on the spot, like the useful idiot Glen Beck, or 2002 Pulitzer Prize winner leftie Chris Hedges, who was fired from the NYTimes.

Give me 10 minutes with Alex Jones, and i will destroy his narrative and credibility, but.. do you think, anyone who is asking real questions, will ever get in front of him to interview him?

Wake up.

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Jones did an interview with David Duke, who asked real questions. How does that square with your theory that no one asking real questions can get to Jones? I guess that means David Duke is controlled opposition too.

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Sorry but I'm not going to fall for the CIA funded operation to discredit Alex Jones. He still talks about a lot of truth such as vaccines/gmos/Bilderberg/bohemian grove/globalism. He's still awakening people everyday. He's a gateway to further truth, and that's a good thing tbh. Why would the CIA want someone telling all of that truth to the people? It doesn't make sense. Who cares if he doesn't talk about Zionism, at least he talks about George Soros and the rest of the globalists

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Alex Jones is wimp and a coward.. Here he is, on his knees apologizing to Alefantis..on 2017.03.24.


Deleted Pizzagate video


Obviously, Fatso Jones is a pizzagate denier.. and what channel are we on???

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It's interesting to note that you hurt your own case by citing the second video. See, most Jones bashers imply he never pursued pizzagate, but your video proves Infowars did, for a time. I've committed to text perhaps half a dozen semi comprehensive outlines of the circumstances surrounding Jones's retraction under my username rwb, not that someone as shortsighted as you would ever make the effort to actually seek them out, so that you could know the truth. It's much easier to be a big man beating on Jones anonymously in some forum than to actually seek out the truth.

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There is nothing to "seek out".

If you have any evidence or reasonable arguments bring them on, and i will destroy them one by one.

Jones is never going to come out clean and explain the real reason why, he stopped pursuing pizzagate. But there is no need.

Those reasons are clear.. his (((advertisers))) and his CIA / Deep State handlers told him to back off pizzagate, That is it.

Same thing happened recently to Hannity when he started talking about Seth Rich. He almost lost his job. Glen Beck lost his job when he did an expose on George Soros


Alex Jones knows his fate can be the same as Glen Beck.. and being the Deep State puppet / entertainer / gutless goyim that he is, he backed off.

So why did Jones cover pizzagate at first?

Because Jones is some kind out journalistic wonder? a curious mind?

NO.. Jones covers ALL conspiracies to keep the sheep in his audience entertained.

Is there ANY conspiracy he hasn't "covered"? Aliens, reptiles, MKUltra, Illuminati, Masons, etc etc.. to him pizzagate was just another silly bandwagon to jump on and when his bosses told him to apologize and back off, he did.

Anyone still supporting Alex Jones, is clearly anti-pizzagate

So who's side are you on??

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Alex Jones has again harmed the movement. That's the point here.

He was inarticulate, unprepared, and could have done a lot of good had he chosen not to behave like a bombastic buffoon. I'm only upset that Cernovich has aligned with him, but then Cernovich did dismiss #pizzagate in lieu of promulgating a global pedo problem. For now, Cernovich gets a pass because he's doing massive good ... but this? Completely on Jones for not seizing an opportunity by the balls.