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Card #1 James Alefantis http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/vewebyn/1v3.jpg

Card #2 John Podesta http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/xivaryz/2v3.jpg

Card #3 Hillary http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/xefepon/3v3.jpg

Card #4 George Soros http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/ramibel/4v3.jpg

Card #5 Marina Abramovic -----Unreleased-----

Update Preview (5 6 7 8) http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/libymyw/Preview.JPG

1 2 3 4 90% done can use help with the text for 5 6 7 8 Picture suggestions welcome

Dont forget to participate http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/hurynol/Ad-011-01.jpg

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Awesome Job! Really looks good👍

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Here is a few good ones for Marina Abramovic;


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Always of great help! thanks

At this moment i have this one at her card, same as from the imgur http://i.imgur.com/sMaYKAk.jpg

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haha awesome. physical threat seems a bit high unless he's fresh from some sacrifices lollll

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The Soros score for cockyness is not correct: It should read "TTR", Through The Roof. The dude thinks he is God himself and is on record stating he feels god-like.

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Thanks for your reply and help, if more people agree will edit

(He also stated before: "The world should be protected for people like me", this gave him a lower score)

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Hey. Hi. I also think Soros should have a higher score for cockyness as well. He is between the Deep State and the Rothschilds and I think of him as pretty cocky and frightening. Would not want to be in the same room with him. For some reason I would expect evil to pour from every pore.

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Think he made a square bilion shorting the pound. In one day. Guarantee they crash the dollar before the years up

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George gets his funding from the Rothschilds.


Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz. He is at the same time head of the Rothschilds Italia S.p.A. in Milan and is also on the board of the commercial bank N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London. Another member of the board is Nils O. Taube.


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Lol wtf i pmed ypu about a jew version before these pg cards ever came out, my ideas btter too jq > pg

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"Soros and the pound" A connection between the deck of Meaty Trump (UK) cards and our deck of cards, (/research)


The 2 games basically are one :p /compatible

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Tam Luzatto card in the works?

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Didn't read up on Tam yet and no card in the making no picture

Feel free to help

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https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5u6egb/tamera_luzzattos_inviteonly_blog_page/ This is a start. She was HRC's chief of staff while she was senator of NY.

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Pure evil

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Ahh, the good old ace of spades.

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I LOVE this card game!

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Thank you

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Haha holy shit. This is well done.

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