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Nice timing.

Alexandria shooting. Tucker Carlson calls out the Deep State Tucker Carlson goes to hospital with "appendicitis" Seaman makes his "announcement" that Podesta is now under investigation Worldcorp releases next level shit

I am not establishing a timeline other than items 1, 2, and 3 are in chronological order.

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Dang, can't believe I missed Seaman/Podesta announce, what the heck is that?? Can I find it on youtube?

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its more ablaze on twitter

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Jack Posobiec tweeted about Podesta.

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Beam me up, Jesus. Pppllleeeaaasseee.

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I could never watch another of those videos, the first one killed part of my soul....

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Same here. It haunts me.

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Oh God the last one was so horrible. It's far from debunked. Whether it is actually John Podesta in the video is in question. But that poor kid sounds to be genuinely in distress. Not acting imo. I do not even want to click on this one ...

  • ok so I watched it, most of it, and clearly in one part he is telling the kid to take a shower. FBI definitely needs to seize this domain and all server logs, find out who uploaded the video from where and have a long talk with that person.

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FBI covers this stuff up. Why do people keep citing the FBI as an entity that we need to inform?

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Mabe now that Clinton pal Comey is gone they will take a look

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FBI did a bang up job in Dallas and at Ground Zero / just how do 2 fdr's and 2 cvr's go missing ?

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I'm watching as well right now, it's pretty hard to stomach. I would like to know how/why they developed these "techniques", I mean, they seem to be doing certain things very deliberately, like flashing the strobelight. I know "MKUltra" would be the easy answer, but still...

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My suspicion is that FBI insiders are releasing parts of this video - if it is Podesta - in order to send a message. Like RDS and GW I think the white hats don't want to arrest these people...just want em to stop. However they won't stop so this will continue to escalate.

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think about it. If Trump/sessions had podesta arrested tomorrow on paedophilia/human trafficking, the media would say its a baseless political witch-hunt. What trump/sessions need is a million voices on the internet screaming 'we told you this for months now, this arrest is legit!!'

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But the media will lie and spin regardless of how many is watching. We need to abandon the MSM and stop letting them have an influence on what is important for the government to investigate or discuss.

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Either that or leak the pedo sex tapes

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That is a great point(s)

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There was a guy on here that found more fatherhood videos on the dark web and said he would leak them on july 1

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I sincerely hope Podesta is under investigation, hope he is having sleepless anxiety filled nights bastard.

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Sounds awful. I'm too wimpy to watch stuff like that. I wish someone in authority would take some action, once and for all. Just thought I'd click in here and complain.... rock on, lads

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I just watched that and a few more that are horrifying, it isn't gore, just the obviousness of people trying to drive people to as much terror as possible. Nightmare stuff and one involves a child, more than we saw before..:(

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Uproar for you, @Psychanaut. You're way braver than I am, mate. I can't stand the sight of any suffering -- human or animal -- so I would be extremely sad to view stuff like this. Thank you for taking the hit for the rest of us, watching it, and giving us the info. God bless you and everyone investigating this awful situation.

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