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Excellent work - would you post it on https://voat.co/v/SethRich too, please?

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Yeah for sure. meant to post there too but got too busy. I'll def post later.

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Upvoat for at least making the effort.

I have tons of questions.

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List them in order of importance, please.

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While that might be nice, having to sort through 150 and determine their ranking of importance would take a bit more time from me than I have. Took a good while compiling the list as it is. Lol. But if anyone wants to prioritize them...by all means...feel free to do so.

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Capone has already been interviewed. So has SR's GF.

Footage here.

Capone Interview

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Shills gotta shill.

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There are numerous videos with people - vloggers - finding these masonic numbers in them. The suggestion is that these are deliberate signs for those who have eyes to see.

The mechanics of it puzzle me - my most likely explanation is that it is coincidence found by people who are looking for significance.

And yet, Nancy Reagan was apparently into astrology and had horoscopes cast to find auspicious days for particular actions by her husband - no source, just best recollection, which may be completely inaccurate.

Now, perhaps masons have an equivalent procedure to plan actions. In the London Bridge event, someone was adding up the numbers on emergency vehicles getting 33s. So some mason is planning which police vehicles and ambulances are sent out "to order."

The minute planning of these actions are, I would have thought, beyond human capability, but I suppose it is possible they have their own "masonic astrologers or numerologists to plan out the whole thing. Seems a lot of hard work to me, but...

Maybe there is an app for it, which just like shooting a film has locations, personnel, hardware planning for these "false flag" operations - and just like graffiti artists, they simply can't resist putting their tags on their work.

And of course, it could be all BS and yet another conspiracy theory that has yet to stack up.

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He's apparently also changed his story. He told crime watch he was there the night of Seth Rich death and then apparently tells George Webb he was out of town. I'm fine with another investigative team going to ask more questions. Especially from someone who has supposedly been changing their story.

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Questions upon questions, upon questions.

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The account deletions you noticed were at a company level. The government is not usually that brazen. Instead they will go through and remove individual comments they see as a threat while targeting archives/index versions in a much broader sweep. Seth would have been hit long before anyone found those accounts. 3mt.

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The Democrats own the police in Washington DC.

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I had forgotten about those Scott Foval tweets. Nice list.

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Was there ever any follow up to the tweets? I mean surely the tweet was after seths death, but kinda creepy for him to throw the names out there like that, being as how one was murdered and the other is arguably missing. I know quite a few were saying it was a fake Scott Foval account, so who knows.

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It was meant to seem like he was turning on his boss Creamer who would have been connected with Rich's murder and Braverman's disappearance. It could easily have been fake though.