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Someone posted this on GLP. This looks like a good lead that deserves more eyes on it....

Katy Perry's music director has pedogate content on his VIMEO account I made a discovery which nobody has talked about yet. It's my first posting on here since youtube was deleting my messages which I tried to post to channels such as Infowars, David Seaman, and The Honeybee.

I will take the credit to have discovered this first unless somebody can prove me otherwise.

Everybody, please research Katy Perry's music video director, Dent De Cuir, who has videos up on his vimeo account of disturbing imagery of children holding adult toys in their hands with sexual references and blood and gore, as well as another video about the secrets of the dark web and trafficking people for ritualistic killings, as well as many other disgusting videos.

If you go to Katy Perry's music video's description on YOUTUBE for "Bon Appetit" you can see it is directed by a man called "Dent De Cuir". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPI-mRFEIH0

His vimeo account is also called "Dent De Cuir". His vimeo account is https://vimeo.com/dentdecuir This account contains all of the following videos on it which I will be discussing below.

The first video I will expose is called "Play feat. Sebastian". [link to vimeo.com (secure)]

This video has children around the board game "opeartion" draw in holding adult sex toys used in bondage while touching private parts on the "operation" board game man. These are sick pedophilia references. It also has brains being busted, and homosexual men kissing each other and having oral sex as children watch it and clap towards the end of the video.

Next, there is another video called "Neo Signal Planet Online" [link to vimeo.com (secure)]

This one seems to starts off nice with innocent children playing with their toys as it shows a unique way of introducing different websites on the internet while the children play with their toys, but gets gross as it progresses into the black market side of the internet. Three-quarters into the video, the children stummble upon entering the pornography sites on the internet as well as the "dark web" and start to see disturbing things such as with toy heads being decapitated and blood and gore. These are children, and Dent De Cuir making such a video is again a reference to pedophilia and through the glamorizing of sexualizing and killing of children.

On to the next video called "Modeselektor feat. Otto Von Schirach "Evil Twin"". [link to vimeo.com (secure)]

This one is about having an evil alter persona, just like John Podesta and his evil alter persona "Skippy" and we learned from the wikileaks emails. Many of the elite involved in satanic ritual abuse have their own alter persona when they engage in such repulsive acts against children.

The last one to share is the video called "Siriusmo - Idiologie". [link to vimeo.com (secure)]

If you are familiar with the occult, you will know how the planet sirius is worshipped heavily in the occult, and has imagery of brains and heads, and imagery of egypt (used alot by the elite and their connections to the egyptian mystery schools of the occult).

Another video he has up on his vimeo is called "Dye feat. Egyptian Lover - She's Bad". [link to vimeo.com (secure)]

This video is full on cannabalism.

Watching these videos we can confirm that not only was Katy Perry's music video for "Bon Appetit" a coincidence of cannabalism, but the same director involved with her work has heavy references to children, sex, gore, and the occult.

It is full of sick sick ritualistic luciferian stuff on Dent De Cuir's vimeo account...Just like Comet Ping Pong's Heavy Breathing website..Many references of cannabalism as well in his other videos and other occult stuff. This needs to be investigated ASAP and archived before it gets deleted! Let's investigate this together!! Repost it everywhere you can to get other people's attention to this!

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I watched "Dye feat. Egyptian Lover-She's Bad." It was fucked up. It is pretty clear that Katy Perry is up to some sketchy with her sexual cannibalism album and suddenly promoted Boys and Girls Club of America.

I've looked into that last aspect. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1866382

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"This video has children around the board game "opeartion" draw in holding adult sex toys used in bondage while touching private parts on the "operation" board game man. These are sick pedophilia references. It also has brains being busted, and homosexual men kissing each other and having oral sex as children watch it and clap towards the end of the video."

They are poorly drawn cartoons.... No child was filmed doing or even in the presence of anything sexual.

Would you disagree with that statement?

Furthermore what you are considering "occult, gore, and satanism" will be recognized by the less sheltered among us as references to LSD and acid trips.

If you consider yourself "completely at odds and out of touch with american pop culture" you obviously don't know enough about it to interpret what is being conveyed.

There is no difference between what you are doing and blindly judging which japanese gameshows are "porn" without speaking the language.

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Of course Dent De Cuir wouldn't be filming real children doing it, because he would go straight to jail. It's how he uses this platform as creepy "art" which allows him to get away with it using edited photos. Have you studied any of the occult at all? He has references to planet sirius in one of his videos. He has quite a healthy "appetite" for anything cannabalistic as this theme seems to run through much of his work. Everything might seem circumstantial at a first glance, but when you look at it from the bigger picture, it's more incriminating, also knowing he works with high profile pop stars such as Katy Perry, and there have been huge busts in the past in hollywood and the mainstream music industry involving pedos

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This has been discovered before, in the comments here


Something i found on Benjamin Mege facebook, look at what job he has !!!


Dent De Cuir

Pizza Maker. <------- !!!!!!!

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Great find, Micheal84!! To see benjamin mege put in that Dent De Cuir is a pizzamaker.....wow! More evidence is piling up. Keep at it and continue the investigation!

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Speaking of alter egos, doesn't Beyoncé, have another name she sings by. I think Garth Brooks did the same thing once.

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All the puppets do it! Serena Williams has multiple, search YouTube, it's crazy.

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Creepy stuff. I saw this video or her today. I think she is pulling psyop like Miley. https://youtu.be/YMQRFT4bZuc

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I found out a page connected to Dent De Cuir which lists the words "kanibalism" and "pizza fromage" in French, or "cheese pizza" in English.

Here is the path to this:

The real names of Dent De Cuir. They are Benjamin Mege and Jean-Philippe Chartrand. I found this info here about Dent De Cuir: https://www.facebook.com/CaviarLondon/photos/a.362010390528162.83060.345187092210492/969825539746641/?type=3&theater

Then I saw the name Jean-Philippe Chartrand pop up on discogs.com: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1557007-Jean-Philippe-Chartrand

According to discogs, he has/had an alias name of "sad mafioso". https://www.discogs.com/artist/315745-Sad-Mafioso

When I clicked on this link to his discogs page from his sad mafioso page, I arrived at his my space. https://myspace.com/citizensadmafioso

Then click on CONNECTIONS on his my space page, and you see a connection saying "kanibalism". Click on this. https://myspace.com/kanibalism

Now look to the right side of the tracks and you will see that "Kanibalism" has a track titled "pizza fromage", which is French for "cheese pizza"!! This is pedo code word!

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I hope these videos have been archived...........!!!!

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GLP Is Soros

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Remember guy we just need to like love on each other that's the solution

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