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What a disgusting person this creepy guy is.

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This is an excellent post. Now, how does one begin to go after a Rockefeller?

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this stuff sounds so far-fetched to new people catching on. But you work out the webs of things and it scares you seeing the tentacle reach. We should all be scared shitless at how far they will go. These are powerful assholes. but people like me do and have lived a fucked up childhood thanks to people like my own molesters, and we know what they do. the weird way they push pairing between sick adults and victims is part of their fun. They are evil and relish in defiling a thing of innocence. They kill that potential being and return a changeling. They support each other. Protect each other. It is their thrill, extra kink and perverted pride. Its their survival.

Support each other. Protect each other. Its good against bad. very simple. Regular folks get to be heros now and find the links. I am in awe of you all, inspired, and proud to help in any way i can. Happy Fathers day.

Never give up. The kids need us.

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Just FYI , Providence is where the weird military action is taking place per this post: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1941070