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CPS does the same thing today on a much bigger scale. Child Procurement Service is what it stands for they don't Protect any kids except to protect them long enough to sell them to the pedo-network.

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Nancy Schaefer was also murdered for this.

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They are freaking Evil!

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https://archive.is/gAHpX | :

This woman stole children from the poor to give to the rich | New York Post

'Before Tann, adoption in the United States was uncommon, but after she became known, the stigma over the practice was largely lifted. '

'She began placing poor children in adoptive homes, without the consent of both birth parents. '

'But though Tann had placed children in every state, few attempts were made at the time to connect birth parents with their children. '

'Adoption records were sealed, and adopted children were barred from learning the identities of their birth parents. '

'She left no money to children’s causes, nor to the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. '

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But of course Pizzagate is a 'crazy conspiracy'. This shit has been happening for years globally at the hands of the most powerful, wealthy and 'holy' in society. We can't let any more of these evil bastards get away with no consequences.

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Yes. And the victims from all over the world who claimed the same stories of satanic ritual abuse were told they were making it up. And the people believed it.

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Correct, under the term "False Memory Syndrome" because they didn't want SRA coming out into the mainstream. The doctors and psychiatrists who came up with the term were key players in the game.

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Yeah.. good thing no rich people want to buy children today, eh?

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Shocking story! NEver heard of her!

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This is red-pill gold.

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Well, damn! Joan Crawford got one of these children. "No wire hangers!"

I've always wondered why she had a neurotic issue with wire hangers, but maybe she had an abortion which prevented her from ever conceiving again and having wire hangers around were a painful reminder? Hence why she had to adopt, er rather, pay for a stolen child?

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It's only a guess but it's an astute one and seems likely.

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Just wow.

This is AMAZING.

And someone "took a piss on her grave" - literally... editing her findagrave obit - check this out:


Apparently, this Congressman was her protection:


He was an "American Dictator":


And of course, he was a Freemason:


Crump's association with Georgia Tann suggests a less flattering view of his legacy.[11] Tann enjoyed Crump's powerful protection in Memphis as she illegally placed babies in adoptive homes; often these babies were stolen. Tann's legacy—and by extension, Crump's—lives on today, in that 32 states (as of January 2007) seal birth certificates for adoptees.

Thank you for this OP. This just confirms that this has been going on for donkey's years.

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I always wondered how normal people have to jump through hoops and wait years to adopt when celebrities do it is so quickly and easily.

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oda kotba

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Did you say "Hoda Kotb"?

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