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I just checked John Podestas' Tweets and the stupid ass Tweeted @realDonaldTrump a few days ago mocking the size of his hands...we all get the innuendo and I hope the child raping, SpiritCooking MF creeper rots in hell!

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I thought Podesta liked small hands.

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OMG Thank you for that! That sick pervert. At least Trump has sex with adults instead of raping little defenseless little children.

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Podesta does have small hands which he can't do anything about but those teeth! You would think that someone worth millions and in the public eye all the time would have gotten them fixed by now. The Twerp.

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That's my thing with him, his hubris. Been talking shit the whole time, took a post at WashPo/CIA and thinks he is untouchable, it's infuriating.

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He's setting it up so if he's ever arrested they can use the "arresting journalists is the sign of a dictatorship" angle.

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serial killers are often caught thanks to their taunting through media and to police

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He thinks that because (thus far), it's true.

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Uh, you might want to clarify that JP was John Podesta and not Jack Posobiec, man. Confused the hell out of me.

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thanks I did :)

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God I hope this is actually true. I will be so heart broken if it isn't.

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I'm wondering if it's open because of the baseball shooting. Either they close the trap ASAP or keep getting shots fired by those with a lot to hide...

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the baseball shooting probably happened because it's open.

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If true, this will be the tipping point. The brainwashed shitlibs will go insane over their demigod Billy and his side chick being locked up. This will be what kicks off a civil war in America.

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They're pushing civil war on us when what we need is revolution.

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Trump is a constitutional revolution of the sort intended by Jefferson et al. They are attempting to stop it.

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once the right decides enough is enough and gets sick of the tantrums, the left will get put down like a sick dog. This shooting only speed that process up, every attack they make is getting everyone closer and closer, just no one will admit to it in a poll, or even in private settings. It could be a very hot summer in America.

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OMG! Seriously? I'm going to give an upvoat because I WANT THIS TO BE TRUE! Besides, Posobiec deserves the vote for what he did in NYC last night in stopping that damn play.

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I hope they make the link to jews and Israel because I am certain that there is one.

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We just need to look deeper!

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Jack Posobiec from (((The Rebel Media)))?

Dont be Moronic sheep.

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Rebel media is CIA!

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Jack Posobiec - Navy Reserve Military intelligence officer


Dave Acton AKA "Dave Sweigert" and MrCati are Military Intelligence


Anyone notice the pattern here?....

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Isn't one of the guys at Rebel Media, the guy who started the pizzagate code?

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Stop taking the bait. Kimdotcom, Assange, etc. It's all bullshit.

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Jack Posobiec - Navy Reserve Military intelligence officer


Jack Posobiec Promoted in (((Washington Post)))


Jack Posobiec Promoted on (((Infowars)))


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I agree. It's the dangling carrot everytime.

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