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Debbie W.S. I'd going to the bighouse soon. All the documentation is on her laptop....which is why she threatened the cops. I lived in her district at one time,,,, she has the rep. of a ruthless scumbag . She sealed her fate on camera.

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I'm confused. Where does he claim to be FBIanon? He sure doesn't sound like FBIanon. Seems to pander to 4chan-speak, which FBIanon did not do at all.

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It's in his username. He sounds like FBIAnon to me.

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I found that most people disagree, but I have a hard time excusing the idea that Seth was a victim. Seth was a young IT guy with a lot of access to information that could completely destroy the DNC if discovered. I see calculated move after move from the people we think are involved. Why would they let a 'normie' have such great access to their secrets? They wouldn't. I think they thought he was under control and he wasn't.

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Ha! I came to the same conclusion based on that creepy interview with Seth's parents. That was a dead giveaway: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1867835/9162045 ...

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I just read your comments. I have been thinking the same. I also think it is possible he was interrogated or abused one last time before he died. He was killed and lived very close to Pegasus musem (owned by Alefantis).

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Damn - you're way ahead of me. Great insight!

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The original anonymous poster? Original? Anonymous? Bombshell IF true? sigh

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I know that this comment is not going to be popular but my 2 cents..

FBIAnon gave links to two of those pandahead vimeo videos. Some of us on voat had a look at those a while back. I personally am not convinced by those videos. I've seen similar stuff put out in the UK by the intelligence services and possibly Tavistock.

I'm just saying..tread carefully. The guy liked wearing panda outfits because he was abused...it's just too convenient.

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Remember when FBIAnon first started posting, he said he would be putting out disinfo along with true info to protect his identity? Maybe thats the case here because I wondered about the panda stuff.

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But it doesn't seem like disinformation. It all makes sense.

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All this info is from George Webb. Better to get it direct in my opinion.

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