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Upvoat. Looking at their faces made me throw up. Seeing Richard Branson smiling and knowing Obama was on his island right after election which is right next to Epstein Island is tragic.

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Fox guarding the hen house...check out theHoneyBee and her previous post/video regard National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) where a Podesta is on staff...


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And if you ask if BRIAN Podesta of NCMEC is related to JOHN or TONY Podesta you will be locked out or banned from social media. Interesting huh.

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It looks like a map of relations between the Clintons, Podestas, Qatar and the ICMEC which involves everyone from big pharma and agricorps to the MIC and the media.

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It is always good to revisit names. Names (of board members, directors, etc) that were unknown to me when I read through them the first time may have cropped up in subsequent research.

It helps tie things together sometimes.

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This should be expected. This is the beast system. Farming children from behind the guise of childrens charity and protection agencies. Working in secret in the dark while on the surface you have the appearance of doing good for the very people you are actually harming. As above, so below.

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Interesting to see Sanofi there seeing as JA's cousin Tim Alefantis works there http://www.pharmavoice.com/article/2016-06-flu-vaccine/

Hadn't realised they'd donated to Podestas and CF, small world...

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That chart is excellent. Thanks for posting. It truly shows how deep the corruption is and what money can buy.

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NCMEC and the sister group they started is THE KEY. This is a map to taking down PG if we use it to focus our research!

(And yo go further down the rabbit hole pay attention to how NCMEC started, who was involved, who funded it.......... )