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Where else does European Adoption Agency work? Well, here's the list: Bulgaria, China, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Honduras, India, Panama, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ukraine - now let's compare that to where Clinton has been globetrotting and setting up "charities" (fronts for trafficking)

Colombia? Known to be an area Clinton & the Clinton Global Initiative focused on http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/the_clinton_foundation_colombia_scam.html

Congo? Known to be an area Clinton & the Clinton Global Initiative is working in https://www.clintonfoundation.org/clinton-global-initiative/commitments/congo-farmer-trust

Haiti? Known to be an area CGI is literally swarming all over (can't even go into the Haiti ties, she rigged their elections for heavens sake)

Honduras? Clinton specifically overthrew their government http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/3/3/1495334/-An-Assassination-in-Honduras-and-the-Legacy-of-Hillary-Clinton And here's their charity there https://www.clintonfoundation.org/clinton-global-initiative/commitments/giving-children-honduras-education-they-deserve

India? Yep, Clinton charity there too http://eaglerising.com/37833/this-is-where-clinton-foundation-group-stayed-after-charity-event-in-india/

Panama? Oh boy Clinton charity too who wouldathunkit https://popsciencetv.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/the-clinton-foundation-and-panama/

Tanzania? Oh yeah https://www.clintonfoundation.org/clinton-global-initiative/commitments/malnutrition-tanzania

Uganda? https://www.clintonfoundation.org/main/clinton-foundation-blog.html/2012/07/21/partnerships-bring-opportunity-to-uganda

Ukraine? http://pinchukfund.org/en/projects/12/

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No China though. Probably because the Chinese would have the last laugh in that situation.

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RE DYNCORP. "The company has provided services for the U.S. military in several theaters, including Bolivia, Bosnia, Somalia, Angola, Haiti, Colombia, Kosovo and Kuwait. DynCorp International also provided much of the security for Afghan interim president Hamid Karzai's presidential guard and trains much of Afghanistan's and Iraq's fledgling police force."


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Tbf, large charities are naturally going to have a lot of overlap with each other in which impoverished areas they serve/target.

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Yep, regular charities would. But CGI is literally a straight up slush-fund, charity-front operation - they don't pursue charitable targets unless they have something to gain from it. It's been their usual modus operandi across the world. If it was a regular charity I would certainly agree it isn't suspicious, but CGI has a certain history.

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shits happening

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As an adoptive mum, I know that many foreign agencies traffick children using foster systems (Columbia) --and THEN adopt the kids to Americans when they are "used up" ---leading to the eventual disastrous adoption situation such as reactive attachment disorder.

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This is amazing! Shock! Horror! If you hadn't have posted this I wouldn't know a thing. MSM sucks. Thank you and please post any other information like this. Even if it is reapeated, more newbies to Pizzagate will learn. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Here's an archived link http://archive.is/WUeFR

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I actually live in a rural part of Ohio. I've heard before about how aggressive the CPS can be. It's pretty scary hearing about this now.

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This is a very skewed article. Trafficking was not the reason they got shut down. The statement says they "failed to adequately supervise..." And then lists things that could happen when adoption agencies don't properly supervise their activities.

We need to wait and learn more details before conclude that they were intentionally trafficking kids. Wait to hear what they're actually charged with and what evidence was found. We can't afford to be propagating things that might not be true.

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Order came from the State Dep. Considering the depth of clintonite bureaucracy there I'd say they're more likely to be shutting down competition.

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Yes. Looking into Adoption Agencies both foreign and domestic will prove insightful and revealing.

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