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I'm 99% certain that this is the John Demos (FB Profile) from the email. I traced the email address to a physical address in Naperville, IL ([presumably] his mother's house) and found a link to both him and his wife.

Lots and lots of photos with lots of children (and not much else) and a picture in front of the Whitehouse. Would go deeper, but have too much work to do.

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I think this is a big stretch! I mean even if this guy is connected to Podesta and related to someone evolved in the witch hunts of 1692, how many people still do what their relations did that long ago. It would be better if we could find something that ties Demos to this in a more recent time, like his mother/father teaching him witchcraft starting at an early age...something more relevant than a could be ancestor from more than 300 years ago.

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This is stupid.

The only important part is what where they talking about in the mail.

If you are not even sure that Demos is the same person of Putnam Demos is totally worthless

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Keep up the good work blueberries, don't let satans power get you down!

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Would be very interesting to know whether or not this Rachel Clinton is an ancestor of Bill Clinton.

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I wouldn't be surprised

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The subject if the email is "Thelema", the religion of Aleister Crowley and his "Do what thou wilt" principle. There is tremendous debate on whether Crowley was evil and and did harm to children and even whether he exalted Satan. Some say he just wanted the world to change for the better by doing one's spiritual and ultimate will and purpose for a new age under Horus. However he died a penniless, oversexed, heroine addict by practicing the very words of "do what thou wilt" that he preached, so it wouldn't surprise me that this Thelema law has corrupted itself entirely and only now feeds into the, evil, hedonistic, and insatiable appetites of elites and artists given free reign with out moral guidance or consequence.

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This is the email: https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/39459 Have a look at the last 4 lines. There actually is the word "Love" under the word "will". Makes me wonder if that was intentional.

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I don't think there much to read in to this beyond enriching the understanding of the lexicon and culture of Podesta. Demos knows the Pedestas---The Podestas and Demos are well aware of the ideologies of Thelema/Crowley and here they are just looking for a favor via a Harvard connection and shared occult/Thelema values like paying it forward. It does aIso lend to the assumption that Obama is Thelema aware possibly due to his Harvard days and would be open to granting this lady her wish. So all in all Podesta is open to doing favors via the language and principles of an occult subculture that was created by Crowley and is manifest today among the elite---and we are left to question still what they are doing with it behind closed doors.

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My post seems to have disappeared so apologies if this is a double post...if this info should not be posted it would be nice if someone would say so:

Interesting that there is a "John Demos" listed for Scholastic.com: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/john-demos

Looking further, it is confirmed that he is the same as "John Putnam Demos":

http://news.yale.edu/2015/10/28/conversation-historian-john-putnam-demos-ubiquitous-nature-witchcrafthttp://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/john-demos http://history.yale.edu/people/john-demos

To wit: "John Demos is the Samuel Knight Professor of American History at Yale University" So he would seem to be someone well qualified to discuss Thelemic witchcraft I imagine. I would consider it more unlikely there is another expert of the same name worthy of such august company as Podesta and crew. I do caution, however, that not all view "witchcraft" as "satanism" in the Christian sense. Pedophilia and possible child murder/sacrifice are the real issue, regardless of religious preference. I would focus on the crimes against children and ignore the religious trappings or other means of obfuscation. The rituals and why they perform them are not relevant if children and others with no capacity for self-determination are involved. I also found this link, published Nov 18, but I have not downloaded any further links from it:


The title is significant: "The Enemy Within 2000 Years Of Witch Hunting In Western World"

Bill Clinton was quoted by Terry Nichols as stating numerous times that Killary attended a "witches coven" once a month for years. It was located in LA according to Nichols. Perhaps "pedophile" has been too kind a term. Perhaps the more appropriate term in light of all of the evidence is, indeed, "witch".

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Take into account the spiral on Podestas living room wall? It's Masonic related through Portugal and Pedo related. http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-ancient-places-europe/masonic-initiation-wells-quinta-da-regaleira-002263

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Remember what the AnonFBI said about look for emails that have cards favors extras or officers! This has favor in it.

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