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Thanks for posting this, @Surviveandheal15. The "Vril," remote viewing, and child trafficking charity elements make me wonder if this lady is disinfo. I feel like we need to give this an "Unverified" flair until we can look at the support for her claims and possibly corroborate them.

That would be an excellent research project.


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I look forward to not merely reading Ms. Engle's book, I will apply my multi decade long familiarity with these people/organizations/ programs and share what my findings might be on this all important site.

FWIW, the Voat Pizzagate site is increasingly being acclaimed as THE source for abuse-related matters as the Epstein debacle seems to have instigated a firestorm of world wide interest.

Big, BIG hat tip to you all for your ongoing efforts.

In the spirit and memory of Jen Moore ... we fight.


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Big, BIG hat tip to you all for your ongoing efforts.

Thanks Onetime1. Many, many good people here who contribute.


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I agree; the second I read that she was involved in child rescues I took a step back.


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Juliette Engel is also a fiction writer. This is her website. Listed is the list of books she's written. Weird website that talks about 'customers' and gives her address as being in the US:


She says she went to Russia in 1990 and started Miramed after seeing the conditions under which Russian women were giving birth and having abortions. I don't know how Miramed morphed into an organisation helping trafficked women.

Below is Miramed's logo--a heart within a heart. When I click on the link for its website I'm taken to some articles, the first of which is by Opendemocracy (a George Soros org).



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Just a little analysis of Juliette Engel's Web site should cause one to take notice of the layout and numerous misspellings. These would leave the impression that it was likely put together by a single inexperienced individual using GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder.

This would be why there are five generic sections at the bottom containing descriptions of what the Web site owner should put there (including the phrase Customers have questions, you have answers under the Display their FAQs section).

The MiraMed angle does look worthy of some digging. But I don't know where you are 'clicking on the link for its website', because its website has been offline for quite some time.

Here's the last captured snapshot archive of the miramed dot org site before it expired:


The variation on the two-hearts logo, being located in the D.C. area, and endorsement by OpenDemocracy (as stated above) and Radio Free Europe here (a US State Dept propaganda outlet) all do seem worthy of taking into consideration and further exploration.


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Some other things of note re: Mira-Med -

From above article:

It stays afloat through donations and an independent operation called MiraMed International, which will offer 17 tours in 1997 to orphanages in picturesque but impoverished towns. Participants pay for their own trips and also donate suitcases full of medicine, clothing, school supplies and other necessities


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Great data.

I look forward to reading her book.

For those unfamiliar - and an excellent intro, perhaps - the famous Greenbaum Speech from 1992 (D.C. Hammond) provides a bit of the scope of this nationwide program.

For people wishing to see/hear with their own eyes and ears just how these experiences impact victims, the online interviews of Paul Bonacci, Troy Boner (check out his death), and Greg Bucceroni offer up some soul wrenching glimpses into this dark world.

For the serious serious, following up with Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Fiona Barnett, and - more recently - Anneke Lucas - one will find an unbroken narrative of the most unspeakable, CONSISTENT and cross reinforcing tales of the most diaboloical nature imaginable.

While I am merely an anonymous poster to you all, I can personally vouch for that Repressed Memory phenomena as middle age events sparked an incomplete recovery of serious events that occurred to me decades earlier.

I can only imagine the impact that sustained, purposeful, horrific trauma might cause to these young minds/bodies.

Please ... please ... be skeptical.

The perps behind these monstrosities would like nothing better than for these brave individuals to be ridiculed and dismissed.

I get that.

At the same time, I would humbly ask you to not simply 'walk away' as you change computer screens, ponder other pressing items du jour, get on with your life.

It is YOUR family that - collectively - is being targeted right now.

The least you/we/all of us are obligated to do as human beings is to reach out with some time, some ongoing effort to ascertain the validity of these abominations.

I G U A R A N T E E you that the more you learn, the more you will come to believe ... and act.


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I read the Franklin book. Very well researched and written.


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