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I just went digging, and I found nothing, which is odd because I remember very well that actor Craig T Nelson had a time in his life when he left pedowood and lived, almost like a mountain man, off the grid. My memory is that he went to Montana and lived the rugged life, very few creature comforts, way out in the sticks.

At the time of his return, around the time he got the role as Coach, it was kind of a big deal. There were stories written about how he had taken a break from society to really find himself and become one with nature, blah blah blah. Now I can't find any mention of that.

I remember it well because many people were wondering why he would take off like that after the success of his hit movies, (poltergeist and poltergeist 2). The official story now is that he left show business before those movies and worked as a plumber, carpenter, hs teacher, and other odd jobs. That's not the way I remember it though. And I remember it well because at the time I was a little jealous! As a kid growing up I really wanted to get away from everyone and live in the mountains like the trappers and prospectors of the 1800's! The stories about him were that he lived my dream.

Now it seems all that has been erased.

While reading your post I kept thinking, now I know why he took off!


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I hate that show. Mainly because of Jerry VanDyke. He sold off his daughter and eventually she died from drugs and alcohol not to mention living with the abuse and knowing what your father thought of you. These people are beyond help and hope.

Round em up. I have no remorse.


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Yeah! The Van Dyke saga!!! Holy Cow, that’s an awful one!!


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With all that we know about Spielberg, remember all the kids he adopted? ....yeah. And like Q always says “follow the wives”.... man, it just makes you have to wonder about Kate Capshaw, about all of them.


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This just gets worse and worse. Justice will come.

RIP Heather and Judith.


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Every time I read about Hreather or Judith I want Steven’s head. Now I want TomH to be outed just as much. I’m hating them equally. Ron H as well. Rita Wilson was also on a Happy Days. Once or twice. Wonder about her.