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Interesting and in depth research blog here on ARK from "The Bridge" https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/in-profile/ark/

Regarding Finks interests and involvements:

A trustee of : Absolute Return For Kids

A trustee of : The Lord Mayors Appeal

A trustee of : North Liverpool Academy Ltd

A trustee of : Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

A trustee of : The Brain Research Trust

A trustee of : The Guys and St Thomas Charity and other related charities

A trustee of : The Mayors Fund For London

The Brain Research Trust and deep brain stimulation :



In neurotechnology, deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical treatment involving the implantation of a medical device called a brain pacemaker, which sends electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain.

Smith and Nephew, offices at 15 Adam Street, London, same address as ARK, work in partnership with Medtronic, who manufacture brain pacemakers.

Article on Smith and Nephew working in partnership:


Medtronic and the brain pacemaker : http://www.redherring.com/Home/18291


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Very very interesting. Thank you. Going to take a look.


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Lord Levy is the father of the Levy brothers:

UK Ping Pong, Football and that pizzagate scandal , Tavistock and George Soros

[Bilderberg 2013 was held in the UK at the Grove Hotel, owned by the Levy brothers...Daniel Levy owns the ENIC Group along with Joe Lewis from the Tavistock Group. Lewis works with Soros.]

Soros > Viktor Pinchuk > Elton John > Robert Maxwell

There's currently some whispers on Twitter about a possible assocoation between Amber Alerts and Pinchuk.. but that's another post for another time...


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I can’t help thinking of Aaron Dover whenever I see Tavistock. RIP Aaron

Great post ldt3


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ARK was also accused of being implicated in the Dutroux CT network scandal.



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ARK allegedly funded the UK Gov Initiative below which sounds like, (at its best) prevents human 'Replication' - you know, for Sustainability...

Teens & Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme

On an annual basis, participating young people are

retrospectively tracked for teenage conceptions,

education, employment and training. Additionally,

each Teens & Toddlers project pre and post tests

participants evaluating changes in attitudes in terms

of sexual health and responsibility. The evaluation

studies demonstrated results that positioned the

Teens and Toddlers programme as extending

beyond its original remit of a teenage pregnancy

prevention programme to also incorporating strong

elements of a youth development approach.

As the programme offers a holistic youth

development approach, raises self esteem,

aspirations and educational attainment we were

very interested in using this model as an early

intervention for prevention of teenage conceptions.

Additionally, small children who are mentored by

the young people are also chosen for early

intervention support.


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Yes the Order of Malta and Knights Templar, etc, are all Freemasonic groups. None are Christian. Also, that cross has nothing to do with Christianity.


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This is big information. I posted it to my Clinton Foundation-Gate blog and my Epstein blog ....



The 971 blog has lots of readers in the UK.


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Lord Fink:

Stanley Fink, Baron Fink https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Fink,_Baron_Fink

Stanley Fink, Baron Fink, FCA (born 15 September 1957), is a British hedge fund manager, who was formerly CEO of Man Group plc

He served as Chief Executive Officer of Man Group, a hedge fund, from 2000 to 2007.[4] Described as the "godfather" of the UK hedge fund industry, he is credited with building the Man Group up to its current FTSE 100-listed status, the largest listed hedge fund company in the world...In September 2008, he came out of retirement to act as the Chief Executive of International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) in partnership with Lord Levy.[6] Appointed Chairman of ISAM in 2015, he retired from its board in December 2018.

..He serves on the board of Marex Spectron and was a Chairman and largest shareholder of Zenith Hygiene Group for 10 years, which was sold to Bain Capital in 2018.

Lord Fink is a seed investor in Ecometrica, a leading environmental software business which, headquartered in Edinburgh, operates globally. An early investor in New Forests Company, among the largest sustainable forestry businesses in Africa operating in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, the company has become a market leader in the provision of sustainable wood and FSC-certified transmission poles throughout East Africa.[8]

In July 2018 Lord Fink was appointed as Global Special Advisor to eToro...

In September 2009 Fink was appointed Chairman of Absolute Return for Kids.[26]

Lord Fink is Chairman of Governors at Ark Burlington Danes Academy, President of Evelina Children's Hospital and serves on the Board of Trustees of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. In 2010, he and Cherie Blair attended a fundraiser for Norwood of which he is a benefacto

Evelina London Children's Hospital https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelina_London_Children%27s_Hospital

Evelina London Children's Hospital is a specialist NHS hospital in London...The hospital was founded in 1869 (as Evelina Hospital for Sick Children) by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, whose wife, Evelina, and their child had died in premature labour.

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_Centre_for_Hebrew_and_Jewish_Studies

The Centre's library is named the Leopold Muller Memorial Library. It is housed in the basement of the Clarendon Institute.

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