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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=PyxLEPecNyg&t=89s :

Post Dorain Little St. James Drone 8/30/19 - YouTube

https://snew.notabug.io/r/conspiracy/comments/cy8se4/so_who_is_that_on_epsteins_island_yesterday/ :

So who is that on Epstein's island yesterday? : conspiracy

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=XY2ionD65Cs :

Epstein's Pedophile Island, Little St. James USVI on Water July 2019 (1/3) - YouTube

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added this to my post about the topic - https://9east71.home.blog/2019/09/01/epstein-look-alike/

note - in comments I have a vid from "The Outer Light" and he points out a staff member who it looks like so it might not be J.E..


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Oh nice, haven't been checking Inside Edition so never seen that photo before. Appreciate the Outer Light/Dark mention as he's always so funny to me, I hope to meet him one day.


Here's a list of flights from the start of July - I'm trying to convert depatures & destinations to a column but I'm having trouble formatting, plus I'll have to mix different airport codes to be accurate, but something like:

  • September 2nd 2019 - FROM: Cayman Islands (MWCR) 19:55 - TO: Atlanta (ATL)/(RYY) 22:11
  • August 30th 2019
  • August 18th 2019
  • August 17th 2019
  • August 4th 2019
  • August 1st 2019
  • July 27th 2019
  • July 23rd 2019
  • July 17th 2019
  • July 16th 2019
  • July 15th 2019
  • July 13th 2019
  • July 12th 2019
  • July 6th 2019 - FROM: Virgin Islands (PRIVATE) 15:48 - TO: Atlanta (ATL)/(RYY) 19:31 - date arrested at New Jersey (TEB)
  • July 2nd 2019

He or they have a strange destination in Wyoming a few times, but all the ones in remote Quebec & Antarctica are actually faults, they blip up as errors from the scrambled GPS data and are technically impossible routes & times. I'll try to update this later.


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September 2nd 2019 CAYMAN ISLANDS > ATL

August 30th 2019 ATL > CAYMAN ISLANDS

August 18th 2019 NEWFOUNDLAND > ATL

August 17th 2019 ATL > NEW YORK

August 4th 2019 BAHAMAS > ATL

August 1st 2019 ATL > BAHAMAS

July 27th 2019 WY > ATL

July 23rd 2019 ATL > WY

July 17th 2019 FL > ATL

July 16th 2019 ATL > FL (TX?)

July 15th 2019 BAHAMAS > ATL

July 13th 2019 BAHAMAS > BAHAMAS (ISLAND?)

July 12th 2019 ATL > BAHAMAS

July 6th 2019 BVI > ATL

July 2nd 2019 ATL > BVI

June 26th 2019 ATL > ATL

June 19th 2019 FT LAUDERDALE > ?ATL

June 15th 2019 BAHAMAS > ATL

June 5th 2019 OH > OH

April 13th 2019 LA PAZ MEX > ATL

April 8th 2019 ATL > DURANGO MEX

April 7th 2019 FT LAUDERDALE > ATL

January 26th 2019 PALM BEACH > ORLANDO


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Lets stay on this @otto- I will help log the departures and destinations in 2019. I'm not great w formatting either but there are plenty Voats who can decipher or reformat what you or I come up with.


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what I do is show a PDF on the screen and do a screen grab and save it to Paint and write comments etc. on the image.


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Putting him back on his island where he had so much pleasure with a cage around his dick would be the best punishment they could give


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I just thought it was his Brother. You know, the one who shut everything down with lawyers. Mark? I forget.


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Nice submission @Otto- !!! I was hoping someone would cross reference the flight tracker data with the other established JE "timelines", especially the one Rusty has been able to create with his consistent drone visits. While I am not sure it's Him in the footage either, this is the type of research that begins to build a real case out of our theories.


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That is not him, but Jeff is not dead.

Neither is Seth Rich.

Both are Knights of Pythias.

Is anyone wondering how they are connected, and why no one will dare Question it?

What happened to Weiner's laptop and what was Robert Byrd's vision passed down to Schumer?

There are so many more Secrets.


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We agree. That aint Jeff, and neither was the body.

I declare upon honor that I believe in a Supreme Being, that I am not a professional gambler, or unlawfully engaged in the wholesale or retail sale of intoxicating liquors or narcotics, and that I believe in the maintenance of the order and the upholding of constituted authority in the government in which I live. Moreover, I declare upon honor that I am not a Communist or Fascist; that I do not advocate nor am I a member of any organization that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the Country of which I am a Citizen, by force or violence or other unlawful means; and that I do not seek by force or violence to deny to other persons their rights under the laws of such country.[5]

-Knights of Pythias D.C.

So they're connected by The Order, Washington, and Q ?

Care to answer your own questions Q Secreton?


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Too kind of you to say, OTI, if I may abbreviate your name as close to mine.


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Interesting. Thanks for the detailed submission, Otto.


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Also, based on the sightings of the sun dial in numerous Rusty videos it always seems to be reading about 4:00 pm. Not quite sure what to make of this...


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The time of day Rusty seems to dedicate to spying, probably a guy who works for a living. Maybe there's a window of access around 4:00 to get close with his boat / avoid security or sorts.