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The Teacher and their assistant are not the only ones in the chain of command who are accountable for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The whole school board needs to be charged before being publicly singled out as a danger to Society and Minors in particular. That's under the 21 year old threshold by the way.

This is why teaching assistance and student must not be allowed to manipulate the course study.

Shut down public funding and if they survive then they can Teach while not advocating perversion.

Why is this not implemented?

Oh, that's right, Congress and State legislators can advocate through Blackmail and Extortion their Owners deepest darkest desires. Tax payers are just consumption perverts who foot the bill.


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"SDSU is the second university in the United States and the first in California to offer a major in LGBT studies."



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As the mother of three sons, one of whom was born gay, I know for certain that the LGBTQ community does NOT ACCEPT PEDOPHILIA AS A SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Pedos are pushing for it, but it won't happen. Statistically, the majority of pedos are STRAIGHT white men.