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His rants do a good job of going back and forth between literal and metaphysical and showing that there is more than one world we are perceiving.

His ego can be annoying but he’s great if you don’t try to make him an idol.

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They have the power to get publicly hung. All pedos deserve the rope.

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I agree. Step 1 is to wake enough people up to what is going on. Then we can have justice.

We must protect the children. That's what drives me.

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The child is their religion and their roadway to god. That's why the beginners rape them, for health, and the serious ones eat them, for eternal life.

No f'n joke

Quaker oatmeal guy did it too.

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I believe Big Bear is on here.

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So what he Super Adventure Club from South Park is real?

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Its true. This is outlined in the book of thoth. Abuse of the youth is such a devestation to the abused and such a pleasure to the abuser that the seriousness of the act is felt in multiple dimensions reaulting in an attribute

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Owen is also redpilled on the Jews. Got a link to any old drunked Jew rants? I watched some in the past and I've wanted to watch them again but I didn't want to go through hours of old video footage just to find a few minutes of golden comedy material

edit: There is the "Owen Benjamin is becoming a Nazi" video on youtube which is hilarious

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the anti-Semitic farmer video is pretty funny... because the Germans were right about a lot... A LOT.

Pretty sure YT is purging a lot of old videos right now, I know he mentioned a few that were taken down already. You can follow him over at unauthorized.tv. He has uploaded a lot of his content over there (pretty sure you can watch old YT streams for free without joining)

ETA video link

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"Yeah, my grandma was a Jew. Was. She's dead now. Probably choked on some gold." - Owen Benjamin

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Video titled "what is a man" or "what a man looks like" or "what does it mean to be a man" is where he starts to get into some good stuff

[–] Quinceberry ago 

Oh totally! His take on men and women and relationships is spot on as far as I'm concerned!

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Good vid. Very good.. people need to pay attention to this.

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