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Relative to Pizzagate due to claims of pedophile and snuff film rings and involvement of government officials (judges).

I was reading about Johnny Gosch and came across this comment made 8 weeks ago by poster “NOT STUPID”


“NOT STUPID  8 weeks ago I was born and raised in AZ, a small town between PHX & TUC. I learned of Midnite productions as an adult. I had moved to Mesa. I met a young girl that years before was held hostage, raped for months by a man known as Peg leg Bill! Through out the years in mesa i met many girls/women that had been connected some way with this group. Peg leg bill his name came up quite often. I dont know why but some of them would open up. They trusted me! I was told he was responsable for the kidnapping of a little girl in mesa years eariler! Mikelle Biggs! At that time in my life I was using meth. I was around bikers " hells Angels". Its insane because this group all knew what happened to Mikelle Biggs. I assumed they knew because they had found her body. Then one evening sitting in the home of an old school Ex Dirty Dozen /Hells Angels member the 5:00 news came on there was a story about Mikelle Biggs her parents were talking about her how she was still missing! In that home were many hells Angels members, I cant explain the change in the living room when the story came on. They were uncomfortable, I guess would be the word. I just wanted to run out of there. All the info i new i wasn't sure who all knew what i was told. I could go on and on with details if I did some can figure out who I am. But Im going to put names out there ones that opened their own mouths with little comments about Mikella Biggs. Some names were said when i was being told what happenen to her. Some of theses people just have info not all were involved! FisherMan Joe Mesa,Az its said he has a copy of the snuff film she was killed in, hes got it hid. Michael Bellowich "Pig" has deep information, his bestfriend was Peg leg Bill. Pam Robles in prison in Az. Shadow shes in prison in Az she as a child was a hostage of the sickos her job was to clean up the small children after they were raped, abused. Melisa Brown from Coolidge Az has info also. Its also been said her body was buired on a property near a cemtary in pinal county between Coolidge and Florence! This ring of sickos goes so deep. It involves law, lawyers, judges! If i were to tell you what all I know it would blow your mind and the proof. I never wanted to know as much as i do. This has been eating me up for years. What blows my mind is these men theses sickos i have been around some most of my life, some just years are all involved or know more than I do! Its all around us here in Az! Joseph Valcarce hes in Tucson. Ray Hurst. Robin Robles. There are so many more names. I think with the ones I put out will bring more info for whom ever wants to dig deeper.”

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I was researching Midnight Productions and a woman reached out to me and sent me a video she recorded of her wearing a mask and telling her experience of bumping into people who were involved in this ring. She deleted the account she sent it to me from, I don't know what happened to her. It's still just sitting on my desk top...I don't know what to do with it. What I've deduced about Midnight Productions: preys on super poor/meth addled folks in AZ. Hells Angels are involved. Maricopa country police department is involved, at least a few detectives from the department directly involved. People in comments about it online give out full names and addresses associated with production...hubs seem to be in Mesa and Pheonix. Some woman named Lisa Big Block comes up frequently. They make child snuff films, sometimes with kids as young as babies. Have been operating for a long time and continue to operate today.

People openly name names (like the lady in the comment), but the police are involved at some level...so, what's to be done? Also, many of the people that know about it exist in this dirty meth world, so not exactly reliable/credible witnesses. I don't think this is a world anyone can 'bust' with internet sleuthing....I checked, and it doesn't really look like any of these named people have social media presences. Kind of horrible, just knowing this exists and will probably continue to exist and there's nothing anyone seems to be able to do to stop it.

Stay the fuck away from Arizona.

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Hi, I’m sorry but my original post got deleted, would you mind reposting your comment to the new post here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3235301

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Please upload it.

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I'm hesitant to, because the woman gives out enough details where she could easily be identified if someone related to the ring happened to see the video. From everything I've heard about these people, they're not people you want to be on the wrong side of. I don't want to potentially put a strangers life in danger.

There's something about a pair of triplet women (pair of triplets? a group of triplets?) that are movers+shakers in that world that everyone says are dangerous and evil.

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Hey, whatever happened to that group that was video taping in AZ and finding camps etc?

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Hi I’m sorry but my original post was deleted, could you repost your comment here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3235301

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Hi I’m sorry but the original post was deleted, could you please add your comment to the new post here;


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Okay my apologies, I’ll repost.

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I found this while looking up companies in Arizona named Midnight Productions. MIDNIGHT PRODUCTIONS

PO Box 2688, Tucson, AZ




Mar 26, 2010


(602) 318-3323

State ID:


Business type:

Trade Name


T And T Party Productions Llc (Owner), PO Box 2688, Tucson, AZ 85719 (Physical) 1321 E Ajo Way

Tucson, AZ 85713

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Hi I’m sorry my original post was deleted. Could you repost your comment on the new post here:


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Hi, sorry my original post got deleted. Could you add this to the new post here https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3235301


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I think "Mama Jean" mentioned in one of the comments about Midnight Productions is this lady who owns a restaurant in Starkville, MS. https://files.catbox.moe/ny0yt2.jpg "One boy whose picture is on the wall ate with her six times a week until he graduated, she said. He later drove from Phoenix, Arizona, year after year to see her. Mama Jean truly is family to her regulars." http://www.reflector-online.com/news/article_0af33a8a-f3ff-11e8-aff7-03e34d359b5a.html Interesting how there is a direct connection to Phoenix, AZ.

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Hi sorry the original post got deleted, could you post your comment to the new post here please: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3235301