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Hey @bdmthrfkr,

friendly reminder that we don't accept mere link posts anymore. would you please consider self-deletion, and repost as 'discuss post' - just copypaste the link into the submission sheet, and add a sentence or two what the link is about.


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I know why you don't accept link posts but in this case you can see that the link is from a (((major))) website. Also, this news is huge, (((Isaac Kappy))) turned on his fellows and ended up dead. Imagine the chances.

Delete this post if you want but I won't. There is no CP in the link as you can see.

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So rules don't apply to you? Let me guess, Khazar?

You can just piss right off.

@think- @Vindicator @Crensch This POS thinks he deserves special treatment.

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Please resubmit as a discussion post. User-crowdsourced rules.

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That's not the point, @bdmthrfkr. The community decided that it doesn't want mere link posts, because they want to have some more info before clicking the link.

@Vindicator and @EricKaliberhall will pull the post, I'm afraid.


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