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Suddenly, Trump is now pushing vaccines, in support of Pharma puppet Senator Pan's forced vaccine bill in California.

President Trump Declares Measles Vaccine Important.

"From an MSNBC report yesterday: President Donald Trump commented on the recent measles outbreaks, saying that people "have to get their shots" and called vaccinations "important."" https://www.ageofautism.com/current_affairs/

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Why was Trump selected as President, and why did Paul Ryan really resign?

Paul Ryan was clearly the best Republican candidate for President, yet he did not run. Why?

Why did Romney pick Paul as his running mate?

What were the allegations made about the Tarmac meeting?

What happened to Dmitri Noonan?

Where did Seth Rich go to camp?

What does Rotary do?

Who do they partner with?

Where is the founder from?

Why did they dispute making large donations to the Clinton Foundation?

What is the Clinton Global Health Initiative?

What is the role of the Gates Foundation?

What is Hillary's Model for Community Policing?

Who ran Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign in Wisconsin, and what does he do now? What does his family do?

Where did Trump make The Deal for 5G+ AI and the Model for Smart Cities?

What is The Truth that has been Shared since The Beginning?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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Melania is not NXIVM, she comes from the much OLDER world of elite family sex trafficking and was a gift or purchase of Donald Trump from the mobster Paollo Zampolli, a descendant from the Old World House of Bourbon.

Oh god no don't mention the Great Pumpkin here and that he's involved with the cabal the QTards a Qunts come rushing in to downvoat quicker than shit. What a deluded bunch of dumb motherfuckers, sending us ALL straight into perdition and WAR you fucking idiots.

This whle fucking forum is overun by the fucking retards, wach out. Watch this comment get downvoated like it has herpes theres a MASSIVE EFFORT to keep all of you ignorant of Donald Trump, he's not only a rabid rapist he likes little boys too you stupid stupid dumbasses. Can't even tell the dudes gayer than a three dollar bill by his hand gesticulations and mannerisms. This monster used to fuck anything that walks.

You are all highly brainwashed and whipped, you can't even understand Bullocks work even when he describes how brainwashed you all are. It's a paradox.

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trump was accused of raping a 13 yr old girl with jeffrey epstein there are ties to mar a lago where epstein trafficked girls and trump was in epsteins little black book he definitely was involved with epsteins lolita island he was praising dershowitz on twitter yesterday who was deeply involved with trafficking minors through epstein it isnt good then you have the disturbing photos of ivanka with trump that look like they have a sexually intimate relationship i know i'm onto something but its the elephant in the room nobody who supports trump wants to talk about i think he is israels puppet he ignores palestines genocide and he has said publicly he wants nothing to do with poor julian assange after he used wikileaks to get elected

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Melania is a Whore, and Trump is a Compromised Jesuit Freemason Con Artist, Member of the Pilgrims Society, and Trojan Horse to enable The Great Deception.

Do You really believe the idea for the 8th Wonder of the World was conceived in a plane flight with Reince Priebus?

Where is Reince Priebus from?

What do Reince Priebus, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan know about compromise?

We are the reason why the False Prophet Q was created.

We are the reason for the Tarmac meeting.

We are the reason why Paul Ryan and so many others suddenly resigned.

We are the reason why Trump closed The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World from The People.

Where was The Deal made?

Racine, Wisconsin

Where is Hillary’s Model for Community Policing?

Racine, Wisconsin

Trump endorsed the Model for the Real Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement with The Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities, Interfaith Coalitions, and Community Policing.

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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❌❌❌ Something’s NOT RIGHT! 90% Team Trump Jesuit-trained Vatican Agents & Vatican Roman Catholics ONLY Jews=10%.

The Vatican, 2000yr world's oldest institution with the Jesuits controlled ALL Christian Kings/Armies & licensed usury only 2 Vatican Court Jews=Rothschild. Jesuits created Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt) & Freemasons. All FALSE Christians & Jews=All LUCIFERIAN in league with SATAN (real entity(s) not of here)!!!

  • Donald Trump (Vatican Jesuit-trained Fordham U/Jesuit Wharton Business School)

  • Steve Bannon, Trump Chief Strategist/Mastermind (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U/Benedictine Catholic Military College Prep)

  • Gen. Joseph Dunford/ Trump Chair Joint Chiefs Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U/Catholic Saint Michael's College)

  • Gen. John Kelly, Trump WH Chief Of of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Mike Pence, Vice President (Vatican Catholic born)

  • Gen. James Mattis, Trump Secretary Of Defense (Vatican Catholic)

  • Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump National Security Advisor (Vatican Catholic)

  • Mick Mulvaney, Trump Acting White House Chief of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U, Charlotte Catholic High School)

  • William Barr, Trump Attorney General (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Wilbur Ross, Trump Treasury Secretary (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Xavier High School, NYC/former-partner head Zionist's Rothschild Investments)

  • Jerome Powell, Trump nominated Federal Reserve Chairman (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U/Jesuit Georgetown Preparatory School)

  • Ivanka Trump (Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Eric Trump (Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Sebastian Gorka, Trump Deputy Assistant (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Heythrop College-U of London, former-British Intelligence)

  • Kellyanne Conway, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Trinity Washington U)

  • Johnny DeStefano, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Saint Louis U)

  • Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump Secretary Of Homeland Security (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Boris Epshteyn, Trump White House Assistant Director of Communications (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Brett Kavanaugh, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown Prep)

  • Neil Gorsuch, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic)

  • Mike Pompeo, Trump Secretary Of State (Vatican Catholic)

  • Corey Lewandowski, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic)

  • Vincent Viola, Trump Secretary Of Defense Nominee (Billionaire Vatican/Jesuit-Tied Huge Donor To Jesuit Fordham U)

  • Rudy Giuliani, Trump Attorney/Advisor (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Manhattan College Prep)

  • Don McGahn, Trump White House Counsel (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-trained Georgetown U)

  • Anthony Scaramucci, Trump WH Communications Director (Vatican Catholic)

  • Erik Prince/Blackwater Private Mercenary Army (Admitted Vatican Knights Of Malta, Major Trump campaign funder)

  • Roger Stone, Trump Campaign Advisor, #1 Alternative Media Trump Promoter (Vatican Catholic)


  • Mike Pence, born Vatican Roman Catholic, self-described "evangelical Catholic"

  • Chris Christie, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Newt Gingrich, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

  • Michael T. Flynn, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Rudy Giuliani, Vatican Roman Catholic, 9/11 coadjutor, alleged Knight of Malta

  • Jared Kushner, fan of the Count of Monte Cristo ("Count of the Mount of Christ;" story about the Jesuit General getting revenge on all of the Order's enemies during its suppression)

  • Steve Bannon, chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump, former executive chair of Breitbart News, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown U

  • Lou Barletta, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Chris Collins, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Tom Marino, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Devin Nunes, Vatican Roman Catholic

  • Anthony Scaramucci, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

  • Eric Trump, Jesuit-trained Georgetown U, and serves as board member of Georgetown's Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative

  • Ivanka Trump, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown U

  • David Malpass, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown, Vice President of the Council for National Policy, leading appointment selections for positions involving economic issues

  • Keith Kellogg, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained at Santa Clara University, leading appointment selections for positions involving national defense issues

  • Michael Catanzaro, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained at Fordham University and St. Ignatius High School, leading the policy implementation team for energy independence

  • Andrew Bremberg, Vatican Catholic, graduate of Catholic University of America Executive Legal Action Lead

  • James Carafano, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown University , reported to be the primary aide to the State Department of Trump administration transition team

  • Ed Feulner, Vatican Catholic former President and founder of Heritage Foundation; Jesuit-trained from Regis and Georgetown Universities

  • Ken Blackwell, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-trained from Xavier University, leading appointment selections for positions involving domestic issues.

  • Boris Epshteyn, Trump's foremost spokesman; Jesuit-trained from Georgetown U

The Vatican for 2000yrs controlled ALL Christian Kings/Armies licensing usury ONLY 2 unarmed Vatican Court Jews=Rothschild (hired managers of unfathomable Vatican Treasury, never audited/never looted by peasant uprising/never nationalized to prevent King lynching, & Vatican/Rome-owned World Monetary/Banking System=USURY). Vatican ✠Jesuits✠ created Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt) & Freemasons (Trump likely both from hand signs/shakes). Global Elite & Billionaire Class don't pass GO if not initiated in these Luciferian secret societies.

Vatican=Serpent Head >Jesuits run world governments/global geopolitics/global wars for Vatican>Head-Zionist Jews Rothschild run Vatican world monetary system/central banks/immeasurable Vatican Treasury=All LUCIFERIAN in league with SATAN (real entity(s) not of here)!!!

Team Trump+World Cabal/Deep State>Controlled By 2000yr Vatican/Rome (Caesar Bloodlines Black Nobility>Descendants Of Pharoah Bloodlines> Back To Dawn Of Man>Fallen Angels>Serpent=Satan>Garden OF Eden) >Financed By Rothschild Vatican Court Fake-Jews>THE JEWS=False Front for humanity to blame Jews for ALL it's ills to protect Satan's Seat. All Roads Lead To ROME!!!

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@kazza64, v/pizzagate is for research submissions with linked sources that can be vetted. Purely speculative/hypothetical material belongs in v/pizzagatewhatever.

I'll give this the 24 Hour Grace Flair so you can fix this; otherwise we'll have to remove it per Rules 2 and 4. You need to provide support for all of the claims made here, including: specific evidence Melania was trafficked, NXIVM links to Epstein, Trump being "involved" with Epstein, and Dershowitz being a "child molester".

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its all good ive resubmitted in pizzagate whatever

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Of course they jump in with rule submissions when it comes to the Great Pumpkin. We don't want to push away the ONLY remaining viewership to this sub and upset the Qtards and Qunts.

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What was The Deal Trump made for the “8th Wonder of the World”?

What is the significance of the other Seven Wonders?

What does The Deal enable?

What was The Deal the Clintons made for Community Policing?

How were the “rules” enforced for a 12-part series that culminated in Death Threats that were acted on in Real Life?

How were the “rules” enforced when moderators doxxed Members and made Death Threats against those who Knew The Truth?

What is The Truth that Jenny Moore found?

Who proved to Jenny Moore that George Sweigart was a salesman selling a complex Webb of Lies?

Who proved to Jenny Moore what the Real Agenda is?

What really happened after Jenny returned to Voat? Who banned her and why? What was her last submission?

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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She gets fucked like a Mallard Duck

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i think i'm onto something but its so hard to investigate trump because most of my followers are trump supporters and they're having none of it

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I have said I thought she was trafficked to him since day one. It's a pretty unpopular stance. I am also getting a couple of downvotes for crossing the cordon and posting Radical Feminists who've figured out that pedos have an agenda and elites are helping. It's that old divide and conquer. Keep going!

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No....stop being a crazy bastard and acting like toddler.