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He exposed the cabal and paid for it with his life.

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Yes and it was horrible. Another one sacrificed.

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https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2509938 I remember posting something in another post about him going to Sweden. Something very odd there. It just went downhill from there. There are many other posts in SEARCH. BTW, you have to add a link to your post to satisfy our rules. Something aobut Avicii would suffice. One of his Trafficking Videos maybe.

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There were postings on here.

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Hi there @doofface99. v/Pizzagate does not allow unsourced discussion posts (only source-linked research submissions). Please have a look at our sidebar. I see that you got your question answered in the comments, so I will remove this per Rule 4. Please feel free to submit a research thread about Avicii in accord with the submission rules in the sidebar at any time. :-) Thanks.

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The video of note was "for a better day" and is on YouTube so you can add the link to your post.

It showed how government officials are behind human trafficking.

He didn't die of "health related causes". I'm a doctor and there was nothing he had that would kill a 29 year old suddenly.. If there was his parents would have been all over the news raising charity money for this rare illness. 29 year olds don't just drop dead.

My theory is that he's not dead. He's in a protection program.