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This shit is stupid. Anyone that is a "follower" of hers needs a head exam

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Hey @klo3t3,

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Here you can read the contents: https://www.editionjs.com/img/abramovic/

Here's the booklet in 1 picture: https://imgur.com/a/cDQxDHH

"This project was designed by Marina Abramovic and Jacob Samuel. The text and plates were created by the artist in her studio in Amsterdam, Holland during May and June of 1996. The etchings were printed by Jacob Samuel, on Gampi naturel and Rives BFK. The text was edited by C.A. Samuel....

.....Special thanks to: Sergio Edelzstein; and Sean Kelly, New York. The edition is limited to 21 copies.

There a a few "rescipies" in here, but I think John Podesta did the first recipe, the other are too much time consuming.