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This is NAMBLA... not to mention, Ginsburg & the rest of these demented ass wipes. How many kids have discussions on those topics with parents? None if any ...so they want to get to that young brain first before you do. This is history that most find out, if ever maybe a Human Psychic class in College. It's to NORMALIZE an stir up CURIOSITY. Thank you AMA & Psychologists!

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According to the son of a friend who was in high school a couple years ago he was telling me they were teaching proper condom use and sexual matters including fisting and other stuff. These people are sick.

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Fisting? 😮 They didn’t do that when I was in school. My gosh.

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True. When my coworkers son came over to help me with landscaping and told me this I just didn't have a response.

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and these people then have the gall to blame it on movies when kids become sexually active too early

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Sure, the glamorizing of extramarital sex in all the movies is a problem but pushing it in schools just makes matters worse.

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OMG!!! 🙏🏼 I remember being embarrassed enough at the very PG version we got in school in the mid to late 80's. That's disgusting.

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I remember in sex ed in high school one of my school mates asked if a person could break his boner some how. He was trying to be the class clown again. Surprised the heck out of us when the science teacher took him up on it and explained how penile ruptures do happen. We were very quiet and at least half the class were silently making vows to never let this happen to us. Now adays they get training on how to stick a hand completely up a vagina or anus. WTF????

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Unbelievable. So sad for kids today.

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Honestly, I'm speechless. What can I say? It feels like the beginning of the end.

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Hi! I haven’t talked to you in a long time!

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Hey girl! Miss you on pg! I have needed a break from this depressing stuff. How you been?

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FFS get your kids away from public school.

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Here's a useful comment from the mumsnet thread on this topic:


The original point of this thread was noting how US high schoolers are to be taught (or have been taught) how paedophilia is a sexual orientation as part of historical teaching of 'gender relations'. I haven't seen the lesson plan, I don't think I need to.

Exactly. Whilst we don't know that this is the case for sure, people are twitchy about this for good reasons.

The battle over language is the battle for popular consciousness and you would have to be a particular kind of blind not to realise that "orientation" has come to mean a "gentle" natural inclination towards - there is no violence or coercion implied in the word. That this is a normalising word is shown most clearly by the fact that the people who most want their desires classified as an "orientation" are paedophiles themselves. They try to draw a distinction between paedophilia and child molestation.

The following clip contains the infamous interview with members of PIE carried out in the 1970s. I couldn't find the clip by itself and I don't know who the gentleman is who is commenting on the clip, neither have I had time to watch the whole thing - but the snippet of the interview speaks for itself. I am sure many people have already seen it. The interview starts around 1:36


I am not unsympathetic to people who suffer from aberrant desires but we must be very wary of the paedophile's tendency to portray themselves as the victim - this is very much part of their "condition". They also like to enter into pseudo-intellectual rationalisations of their desires and theories of childhood sexuality. This is presumably what Harriet Harman and the NCCL brought into in the late 70s and early 80s. here is an article on the academics who are attempting or who have attempted to justify paedophilia.


Another thing that we need to pit against their claim to victimhood is the actual tenacity of the war of attrition that they have fought for decades to have their rights take precedence over those of children.

There is plenty of information here just covering the period 1976-1980


In addition, we must be aware that this is a strand of thought that runs through the whole of the British state apparatus. PIE's offices were in the Home Office, some of their senior members were civil servants and they seem to have been the recipient of government grants. This is not a left/right issue - this is a part of the dominant liberal ideology that has very little to do with party politics.Is it any wonder that we have civil servants posting on these boards that they are being forced to accept an erosion of their boundaries and to say that men are women when they clearly are not.



The main point that I am making is that these people will not stop and will use any tactic to gain a foothold in popular consciousness and, increasingly, to force their appetites on a largely ignorant general public. I also think that women and female consciousness are being particularly targetted as we are seen as the major barrier to these people achieving their aims.


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Yep, this is in Brea, I live like 5min from there. & its absolutely horrendous! What is wrong with this people!? What a scary world we live in. 🙏🏼