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First scans.. not seeing any images of her imitating the Eye of Ra, nor half faces, (hiding one side of her face) nor butterfly symbology nor black and white checkers nor broken mirrors.. Nor am I seeing any girl lover symbols.
An autopsy could quell uneasy suspicions.. Who is her manager? Who are the producers involved with the shows she starred in?

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No, but a guy she openly supports on Twitter is a) rumored to be a pedophile, and b) has a half face & eye of ra symbol in his pinned tweet.


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ah.. there we go.. now you're searching. Have at it Spiffy! Show us what you've got :)

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Nor have I seen any photos of her with Wild Child written on the photo.

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Found her twitter feed.


worth checking out, especially this one: https://twitter.com/MyaLecia/status/1003528168496607233

Here she is posting her support for someone called Shane Dawson: https://twitter.com/MyaLecia/status/951563416380026881

And if you click on the hashtag #standbyshane dude is rumored to be a pedophile.

And Shane Dawson's pinned tweet? Eye of Rar symbolisation (plus half face): https://twitter.com/shanedawson/status/1116437329676132352

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As soon as it hit the news here I wondered if there was a pizzagate link. As others have said, she was in Cloud Atlas alongside Tom Hanks, alleged pedophile according to Sarah Ashcraft. And yes, I do believe her. And yes, I do believe it's suspect that a 16 y/o suddenly drops dead and there is no reporting of what actually killed her. Poor girl :(

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"Heart Attack"

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She also appeared in Cloud Atlas in scenes with Tom Hanks. So she was known to major Hollywood too.

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So sad Tom Hanks is a pedo. :(

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Also from Instagram lenoram.snow She worked with pedophile Tom Hanks,?? That's all I need to know.


Picture says it all, imo.

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On 17 April 2019, it was announced that Naylor had died on 7 April 2019.[17][18] On 18 April 2019, A&J Management, her former management group, confirmed that Naylor died after collapsing.


Collapsing could mean a lot of things

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No cause of death listed in the article. That in itself is suspect

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