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That is some creepy shit. I would agree this falls in the definitely suspicious catagory. Unfortunately, @wt1984yb, you need to add some description of what's in your links that makes this possibly pizzagate related, such as

  • Logos form "666" on storefront
  • Barcelona inn has creepy "cartoon" art involving pyramids with eyes, impaled hotdogs, pizzas and an emphasis on cheese
  • Owner is a Richard Branson wanna be who can both fly jets and operate yacht charters

You're welcome to just copypaste my bullet points into your OP if you like. I'll give you our 24 Hour Grace flair, so you can edit. Otherwise, we'll have to remove per Rule 3 in the sidebar. Thanks!

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Logos form "666" on storefront

Sorry, I see only one '6' here? looks confused

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Door handle and signage

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Don't let this go so fast! Look


MORE than 100 former boarders at Western Australia's state-run country high school hostels have applied for ex-gratia payments for alleged sexual abuse between 1960 and 2006.

The Country High School Hostels ex-gratia scheme was created last year following the Blaxell inquiry, which examined historical abuse at St Andrew's Hostel in Katanning, St Christopher's Hostel in Northam, Hardie House in South Hedland and St Michael's House in Merredin.

Under the scheme, which covers 28 hostels in 12 regional towns, payments of up to $45,000 are available to eligible applicants who were abused while boarding at these hostels.

St. Christoper's Hostel in Northam.

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Always suspicious of people who are "heavily involved in charities".

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Yeah, that logo not only expresses the 6 and hand of the fist but it also represents a form of the pedo swirl we all have seen before. The one on the FBI website. Yes and Jim Belushi is mentioned too. Makes us wonder what the real truth is behind his brother's death.

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Robin William's and Robert Deniro were with John before he died

William's said he left

Deniro was the last one with him

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Sacrifice has it's benefits.

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kinda iffy, I mean I see what you are saying, but I wouldn't say its spot on the logo, its more it hints at the bl logo.

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So you say the mark of the beast is on your hand because you have to touch it on the door. There are three entrances. Is there one of these on each doorway? I am only seeing one in the one picture. That's the only way I can figure there are three 6s. Trust trying to help understand and help you through this. In my other comment there have been accusations of sexual abuse toward St. Christoper's. I believe there are some shady things going on there, just have to show it more clearly.

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Thanks! Yeah if you turn that bl logo upside down it can also look like a 6. They are getting pretty tricky. Actually that's a good sign. They know more people are on to them and they want to hide from the pros. Like those of us on here. They can run but they can't hide.