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There's a weird pasta reference in this work featured on FAPEs website by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002)

She was from one of the oldest families in France and her banker father raped her (2 siblings committed suicide later) and she worked with bodily fluids like Abramovic. There are other works like that one: cartoonish travelogues about being seduced and eating pasta (with Chianti - - note the 1983 letter is addressed to Clarice, associated with Hannibal Lecter). Many others are intertwining serpents i.e. kundalini/Kabbalah. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/niki-de-saint-phalle-remember

She married a novelist reliant in his works on secret society plot lines and who wrote a supposedly satirical autobiography called My Life in CIA based on rumors from his time in the Paris expat community. She was introduced to him by her father the same year he began raping her. She founded a museum for her other husband in Basel.

A funny coincidence is she did a mural on a pizza oven at a restaurant whose owner has recently left to start a children's charity called http://iloveyousosomuch.com named for this wall painting quote of her daughter https://www.sandiegoville.com/2018/09/after-nearly-20-years-in-business.html

Which is basically the same as the one on Liz Lamberts Austin TX coffee shop (the Marfa hotelier absorbed by Standard Hotels) by her lesbian singer gf https://austin.eater.com/2014/3/4/6269805/i-love-you-so-much-explained

Maybe they make the kids say that phrase during torture >_>


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In 1996, she began building Gila, a large dragon-shaped children's playhouse for a San Diego private residence. This project was her first use of digital techniques to enlarge drawings into full-scale construction. Who's house was that, and is it still there? The Golem thing was obviously the first weird children's sculpture. The film Daddy sounds a bit odd, but I am not sure if that would be an easy to find thing, being French and all.

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Its an "in you face" of what is happening around us. Everyone should watch it, but thru the lens of truth that we can now see the symbols and the linkages to what we know is happening to children.

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Art imitates life;

Watched it through a lens and with a view that this shit is happening right before our eyes, these shows just tie it up in a nice little bow and present it as good TV and edgy.

I often think about these writers and TV people who come up with these ideas, I mean one sketch in this show HAPPY a baby is killed by being put in a microwave, it is disturbing and sick.

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This reminds me of the TV series Altered Carbon; the elite could buy robots or synthetics (whatever they're called) with which they could use as sex slaves, which they could beat, rape, and abuse in any which way... including murder them. I forget which episode it was (one of the last two), but one of the main character's found a CHILD ROBOT waiting in one of the perversion rooms for whichever client had paid for it.

I don't know how the show differs from the books in that regard, but it really did make me think the show needs another looking at for symbols and such.

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Watching one minute or less of the trailer I'm very uninterested. Weak minds are influenced by this trivial bulshit

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Happy! is fucking awesome. Watch the shit out of it.

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You think a tv show written after these events occurred has somehow provided otherwise unknown information about the emails? That doesn't make any sense. The shows writers would have to have this knowledge, and if so why in the world would this be the thing to do with said knowledge?

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A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Wrap a truth in obvious lies and they won’t belive the truth when it’s staring right at them.

Sometimes I wonder if the satanism is a part of that. Let’s say the elites are involved in human trafficking and they don’t want anyone to talk about it, just couple the crime with something outlandish like occult devil worshipping and it suddenly makes the topic feel less credible.

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I'll agree to that. False flags and misinformation are an invaluable tool for deception

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The show was adapted from a comic book series by Grant Morrison published in 2013

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It may be a means to dispel or discredit rumors. After all, these guys have a lot of money and connections, so they can afford to run counter operations to discredit critics. by making a crazy tv show on the syfi channel, they can argue that critics "watch too much fantasy tv, and should get out more"

That is the key line "Should get out more", because getting out costs money, and involves consuming. It reinforces the npc behaviors and makes npcs feel good about wasting their lives and money, while at the same time it attempts to shame inexperienced critics.

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if they're industry white hats, they have to codify truth in plain sight by way of fiction and media. that's how the game works and how they get information out safely

if they just outright stated XYZ, they would be killed or kicked out, then killed

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